Breaking News! Nollywood Actor, Obinna Nwafor Alias Saint Obi Is Dead

Nigerian actor Obinna Nuwafor, aka Saint Obi, has died at the age of 57 after a prolonged illness.

St. Obi died at the home of one of his brothers on Sunday, May 8, 2023, according to information gathered by African Entertainment News (AEN).

Therefore, sources say that Obi’s untimely death was the result of disagreements between his brothers, which led to the delay in announcing his death.

The Nigerian Actors Guild has not yet issued a statement as his family has not officially announced his death.

St. Obi is said to have moved to Jos, Plateau for further treatment for an illness that had kept him in and out of hospital for over two years.

However, every effort AEN Nigeria correspondent expended to speak to some of the deceased’s family members on the evening of Friday 12 May 2023 and the afternoon of Saturday 13 May 2023 turned out to be in vain. bottom.

It was also revealed that Obi was seen being transported to the hospital before he died.

On the other hand, St. Obi’s sudden death shocked many people.

One response was “One of Nigeria’s greatest acting talents of all time.”

The great actor became famous with the movie “Sakobi” and has appeared in over 100 films.

Rest in peace, veterans.

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