Wizkid Backs Hilda Baci As She Seeks To Break Guinness World Record In Cooking Marathon

The online community’s support of Nigerian chef Hilda Effion Bassi, also known as Hilda Bachi, as she attempts to break the Guinness World Records for longest individual cooking marathon, was widely shared on social media over the weekend. . The 90-hour Cook-a-Son, which began in Lagos on May 11, will continue.

This is evidenced by several trends on the timeline, including phrases like “Go Hilda” and “Rooting For Hilda.”

She received a lot of love when her activity reached 77 minutes. “Essence” hitmaker Wizkid expressed her support for her when she took to Instagram LIVE.

Lata Tondong currently holds the cooking record of nearly 87 hours and 45 minutes.

In a recent interview, the foodpreneur revealed that he had the dish in mind since Lata’s record-breaking achievement.

“I don’t think it was God’s time, because when I applied then, I was told to wait a bit for about two years because the person who currently has the record had just broken it,” she said. said.

It’s not today that Hilda’s star began to shine. She also works as an actress and a female host. To date, she has run two cooking shows on television, ‘In My Kitchen’ and ‘Dinner on a Budget’, and she has brought many celebrities to talk about her time on the show.

She also starred in many dramas and soap operas like Dream Chaser, which was nominated for Best Film at the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA). Other films she has appeared in include Sideways, Flatmates, A Walk on the Water, and Mr. and Mrs. CJ Robert.

Hilda Bachi also served her country when she won the 2021 edition of Jollof Wars.

The Guinness Book of World Records, also known as Guinness World Records, is a reference book of world records for humans and nature. Records range from the world’s biggest to smallest, fastest and slowest, to the strangest and most unusual achievements.

An individual or group must submit evidence to the Guinness World Records team and undergo a verification process in order to be eligible for registration in the World Records. Once the record is verified, the record is recorded and becomes an official world record.

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