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“If there is one thing we can agree on, it is that Uyo City has embraced development progress.“That’s what I told the guy dressed up next to me at Wooyo Fashion Week 2023. It was my second time attending a fashion show, so I knew what to expect. Some people think it should.

But once again, fashion entrepreneur and show host Mae Edmonds has raised the bar even higher. I couldn’t contain my excitement and pride.

From street style to host, Nancy Ishime With a runway show where and Ebuka won the hearts of fans and excelled in every collection, the 2023 Uyo Fashion Week has cemented its place in the hearts of fashion lovers.

Various street looks from Uyo Fashion Week

The theme of this year’s event is Creativity, Commercialization, Scale. It celebrated the development of entrepreneurship and the diverse cultures of the Nigerian people. Overall, the event remains a deliberate attempt to expose fashion entrepreneurs to the possibilities that abound in the industry.

If you can’t make it to the show and want to see what you missed on the streets and runways, this is the place to be. Stay tuned for the end of this post as we showcase the best runway and street looks from Uyo Fashion Week 2023.

Uyo Fashion Week: Showcase of Nigerian Talent

Host Nancy Ishime rocks a maxi blue dress at Uyo Fashion Week

UFWMore It serves as a melting pot of Nigerian fashion talent, attracting designers from different parts of Nigeria to showcase their collections. Held at the Ibom Entertainment Center (Tropicana Mall), the event provides a platform for designers to experiment, push boundaries and express their creativity. From avant-garde pieces to traditional African attire, Uyo His Fashion Week celebrates the rich diversity of Nigerian fashion.

Mae Edmonds, the host of the show, has gone all out this year as well. We saw Nancy Ishime and Evka Obi Uchendu host the first and second runway shows. The event was also made famous by the attendance of celebrities such as IK Ogbonna, Chidimokeme, Emmanuel Umo and other A-list celebrities of his.

Ebka rocks a sparkly suit to host Uyo Fashion Week
Iku Ogbonna and Chidi Mokeme attend Uyo Fashion Week in well-tailored suits.

Additionally, the event’s activity-packed calendar kicked off with Asian Fest, a musical show filled with performances by stars such as Johnny Drill, Sir Wilker Jackson, and dancers from ethnic groups to thrill the audience .

Johnny Drille kicks off Uyo Fashion Week event
Beautiful Ibibio dancers thrill crowds at Uyo Fashion Week

The music show marked the beginning of a memorable fashion week. From there, a series of events such as exhibitions and masterclasses on important industry topics took place.

Artistic art and beautiful collections at Uyo Fashion Week
Ankara Designs and Prints at Uyo Fashion Week

In the meantime, organizers thrilled attendees with hearth chit-chat and thrilling panel sessions on building the right networks for partnerships and negotiations, especially in the fashion industry.

Panel discussion at Uyo Fashion Week

This week was a really fulfilling fashion activity. But what we’ve seen so far is not the whole story. Join us as we show you the unforgettable street looks and runway moments that have made so many people fall in love.

Unforgettable Street Style at UFW 2023

Blessing Otoro rocked a bodycone dress at Uyo Fashion Week.

They got a note! Everyone who attended fashion week was dripping with trendy fashion. From sexy dresses to artesian styles to edgy looks to androgynous outfits.Participants showed up at Wooyo Fashion Week to show off

Beautiful girl rocks Arte look on the red carpet.

The red carpet was filled with looks as gorgeous as the big fashionistas. Enhancing guests’ enthusiasm and ensuring their best game in fashion was ostensible enough for everyone to see.

Lady Rock Maxi Dress at Uyo Fashion Week

One look at the serving on the red carpet will tell you that the 2023 Wooyo Fashion Week attendees weren’t just hanging out. Here are some of the best street style moments from UFW23.

An iconic street style look at a fashion show
A man and a woman showing off their arte style on the red carpet.
A man and a woman show off their iconic street style looks on the red carpet.
Men show off their tailored fits and boots at Uyo Fashion Week
Yorochi shows off his style sense at Uyo Fashion Week
Nancy Umo shows off white crop top and track pants at Uyo Fashion Week
Blessing, Charity and Nancy take Uyo Fashion Week by storm

Reserve space for a memorable runway look?

Notable Runway Moments at Uyo Fashion Week 2023

Gorgeous models stride the runway show

The runway show was definitely the highlight of the fashion event. Designers from across the country showcased beautiful collections, as did Evka Obi Uchendu’s personal stylist who showcased his work.

Take a look at some of the designs from the Uyo Fashion Week runway show.

topaz bridal

Topaz Bridals kicked off Uyo Fashion Week with a collection of otherworldly bridal beauty.

Attractive beautiful model wearing bridal wear at runway show

The collection featured models in beautiful bridal dresses that prove what every woman’s big day should be like.

Models at the runway show

Junzomo’s clothes

Male models show off well-tailored suits and senators

Just as we were recovering from the beauty of our first designer collection, Johnxzomo stepped in and set the stage with gorgeous male models in senator style and well-tailored suits.

The male model shows off the runway sow senator look.

This collection features a classy fit for men that can be worn anytime, anywhere

posh gold creations

A model walking the runway in a bright orange dress at a fashion show

The Posh Gold exhibition showcased stunning models of mesmerizing and elaborate creations that embody the grace, elegance and fearless spirit of the leading fashion brand.

Ignition by Verge

Verge's runway display at Uyo Fashion Week 2023

The Verge collection had a lot of creativity and style. Every model’s look exuded a bold fashion statement as they trotted the runway.

Verge's runway display at Uyo Fashion Week 2023

From the looks of the display, it’s no exaggeration to say that the collection sets the fashion world on fire with Verge designs, inviting you to embrace the flames of style and forge your own path.

jeva fashion

A male model presenting the Ieva collection at a fashion show

Gevas Fashion speaks volumes with its fearless use of black. The runway saw bold looks that exuded strength and sophistication.

A female model rocking Jeba's fashion at the runway show.

Her collection included beautiful fits for men and women, with female models rocking gowns that were adorned with stylish satin flowers.

Mae Edmonds Signature

A line of models rocking the Mae Edmonds sign at the runway show

When the convener of the event is a fashion entrepreneur and a great designer, you know you get nothing but the panache, elegance and style depicted in her collections.

Model rocking long cape with Ankara print and hat at Uyo Fashion Week

Mae Edmund’s collection features chic Ankara styles in many forms, including elegant long dresses, floral hats, gorgeous long pants, and fashion accessories such as capes.


The Mebi Man collection featured classy menswear that exudes nothing but elegance. Each one is tailored to fit the ideal man’s outing.

Mebiman Shows Out Collection Of Well-Tailored Suits At Wooyo Fashion Week

UFW23 is over but the thrill remains

Excited crowd snapping photos at Uyo Fashion Week 2023

Aside from the fact that guests were visibly impressed, I sensed a shift in fashion acceptance. Men and women of all ages took the time to participate in the show and embrace all the creativity that comes with fashion as an art.

Fashion Show Featured Participants
Aerial view of the 2023 Uyo Fashion Week crowd

It was a featured event that residents of Uyo and many Nigerians look forward to seeing each year. In fact, Mae Edmunds carved her name into the sands of time at Uyo Fashion Week.

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