Wande Coal Reveals To Apple Music Why He Chose To Name His Album ‘Legend or No Legend’

“Legend or No Legend” is the title of Wande Call’s next album. The Nigerian Afrobeat maestro recently spoke about this on Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

On May 18, 2023, Wande Call will release their fourth album, Legend or No Legend. The long-awaited album aims to declare his veteran status in the field.

In an interview with Dada Boy Ehiz on Apple Music Africa Now Radio, Wande Cole said the debate about his status as a legend in the Nigerian music industry was the inspiration for the album’s title, Legend or No Legend. Said it happened. The hitmaker wants to make it abundantly clear that the perception of his status has nothing to do with him. Opinions were split in the Twitter chat.

“You know I don’t use social media that way all the time, but one day I noticed my phone was buzzing. I didn’t understand so I looked it up on my phone. I found it on Twitter.

Someone said, “Is it right to call Wande Call a legend?” And it became a problem.

I just didn’t have it, I just added, “Legendary or not, I love making music.” That’s the age. That’s where I got my inspiration from. I have a lot of fun asking so I can show them what I do through my music. ”

Wande Cole is a pioneer of contemporary Afro-pop music, revealing he’s proud of the fact that his music has inspired generations of talent and stayed long enough to witness it. rice field.

“I would say what’s happening now is intentional. There was no social media back then, everyone was fighting for themselves, but I knew music was never ending for me. I already knew that everyone would shine because I had the knowledge to work with many people, to inspire others, and to try to learn from others. I knew it!So it’s so great that I influence their sound and I’m still here and going through it all.Looking good, I like it, everyone is on fire!”

Wande Cole said the project seeks a different, special and unconventional approach to what listeners should expect from the new album.

“It’s special, it’s different, it’s out of the box, it makes a lot of sense when it’s out of this world. The energy of the album is [that] I inspire others. I encourage many to wake up, fight for themselves, and become a better person. ”

“Legend or no legend” is set to release on May 18, and listeners will finally be able to enjoy new music from one of Afrobeat’s most talented artists.

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