Spyro Speaks On Why Spiritual Intervention Is Key Should You Seek To Find Love In Lagos

Like the song’s lyrics, Spyro has a word of advice for his fans.

Famous musician Ordipe Olwasanmi David, known by the stage name Spyro, stated his belief that finding a suitable mate is impossible without divine guidance.

The now-famous artist argues that human intelligence, especially in Lagos today, cannot help choose a suitable mate. He said the devil sends the wrong partner when he wants to ruin lives, and urged followers to seek spiritual guidance in choosing his mate.

He recently took to Instagram to convey this message, sharing:

“Brothers and sisters, we need the guidance of God and the Holy Spirit to marry in this Lagos/world. When he wants to destroy it, he sends men/women… watch out.”

Singer, songwriter and ambassador for Christ, Spiro hails from Nigeria. His most famous song “Who’s Your Guy” received a lot of airtime and became well known outside of Nigeria.

His songs have a fusion of R&B and Afro-pop, and he frequently uses motivational, familiar themes in his music. He has worked with various musicians such as Mayorkun, Tobi Bakre and Davido. Spiro has built up a sizable fan base thanks to his unique talent and approach in the Nigerian music industry.

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