Omah Lay Speaks On His Growing Up And Childhood

For the “DAMN” singer, the experiences he had growing up shaped the person he is today.

Born and raised in Port Harcourt (Nigeria), music sensation Stanley Omar Didia (aka Omar Ray) details his upbringing among ‘criminals’.

He revealed this while joining H. Steph in a recent interview:

“I grew up among criminals. It’s crazy. I grew up on Marine Base. And if you’re familiar with the place, back in the day when I grew up, in Port Harcourt, people would go You know it’s like a place that never existed. “I grew up around criminals and thugs and stuff like that. I grew up around pipelines [vandals], illegal business, etc. So I had a lot of problems, but what I said is part of what made me who I am today., he remembers

From Egbeda, Rivers Municipal Area in Emofua, Rivers State, Nigeria, comes singer and songwriter Oma Ray.

Released in early 2020, his self-produced song “Bad Influence” rose to fame after going viral on social media. Under the alias Lil King, Omar Ray began his career as a rapper, but soon switched to songwriting and music production, which received little attention.

He released “Do Not Disturb” in April 2019 and “Hello Brother” a month later. In June 2019, O’Malley signed with the KeyQaad record label. He then took his seven-month hiatus to focus on his debut EP, ‘Get Layd.’ Alone”.

Watch the full interview below.

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