This Is How Much Rap Star Sarkodie VGMA Performance Attire Cost Him

It was another night of making another musical statement, but Sarkodi took it to the next level by rocking a $1,319 suit for his VGMA performance.

At the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, he may have won the grand prize and put in a great performance, but it’s not just his artistic talent that has gone viral online.

The multi-award-winning performer stepped onto the VGMA stage during the performance wearing a $1,319 embroidered double-breasted Casablanca jacket to prove to fans who the true bosses are. .

The “No Pressure” rapper paired white pants and sneakers with a blazer.

“The Drip Road,” as he affectionately calls it, has since topped social media trends with his exquisite style.

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