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Isn’t it crazy that we have to think about what to wear every day? After sorting out work clothes and loungewear for staying at home, you should also know what to wear for church. Phew! How tiring is it?

But what if you had a wardrobe consultant who could help you figure out all your outfits, including what to wear to church, without paying a dime? You jump at the opportunity and hire them right away. right?

Well, I have good news for you. Svelte Magazine is it wardrobe consultant No need to pay. And we know how stressful choosing an outfit can be, so we did the homework for you. style can be found.

Let’s dive in.

How to dress up for church in style

Man in gingham print suit demonstrating church attire

Someone once told me that, outside of fashion shows and celebrity events, church is the next place to catch the latest styles and trends. is not wrong.

Since church is a public gathering, people definitely bring their A-game when it comes to taking off their church attire.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank just because you want to keep up with church dress is not a place “Anyone Pepper” Or pressure yourself to prove that you are rich. It is a place of worship that shows obedience to the Creator.

And some of it takes effort to look good. God made everything beautiful for his glory. And as his one of his beloved pieces, everything you do, including your fashion choices, should reflect this glory and beauty.

A woman in an ankle-length skirt demonstrates how to dress for church

How do you do that? For one thing, we should always remember that a church is a religious gathering. As such, your attire should be conservative and appropriate enough for the setting.

So which outfit meets this modest mark? Here you go:


Veekie James in a lovely ruched bubu gown

This is the mother of all conservative dresses, Abaya reveals very little. She has long clothes and long sleeves. With a free-flowing fit and not a snug fit, you don’t have to worry about people noticing your curves.

Jackie Appiah rocking a black and white abaya

Moreover, if you want to give off a rich auntie vibe, it’s the perfect decent dress. Fabrics from Ankara to Adile, Kente, Kampala, etc. can be used to complete the bubu dress. Just pairing your jewelry with yours will make you look dashing.


Woman wearing white jumpsuit in church

Jumpsuits never go out of style. A perfect combination of pants and top in one piece. If you don’t know what to wear on Sunday, this is an easy way out.

Canadian-Nigerian designer shows how to wear a church dress with a buttoned jumpsuit

However, to be safe, make sure the neckline of your jumpsuit is modest and does not expose any delicate parts of your body.

Jeans & Tops/Blazer

beautiful girl rocking jeans

Yes, you can wear jeans and go to church. But there are terms to this. Denim pants for church should not be torn or too tight. They should be reasonably fit.

cute guy rocking jeans and blazer

That’s where straight-cut jeans and flared jeans like bootcut come in handy. Pair it with a nice shirt or blazer to give the semi-formal look needed for religious settings.

How to Dress for Church with Pants and Modest Tops

A man wearing a polo shirt and pants

Chinos, slacks, palazzos and all other types of trousers fit here. Head to church with a pair of understated tops from your wardrobe. This could be T-shirts, turtlenecks, collared shirts, etc.

A woman in a palazzo with a cute top and a red handbag

Plain T-shirts are recommended. However, if you want to wear something with an inscription, make sure the words on the top are not offensive.

church ankara style

A woman in Ankara teaching me how to dress for church

If there is a Nigerian fabric that reaches church every Sunday, it is Ankara. This fabric is versatile enough to be sewn into a variety of understated styles for church use.

A man rocks a two-piece Ankara outfit

So if you don’t know how to dress for church. Choose a church Ankara style that suits your taste, show it to the tailor along with the fabric, and kill it on Sunday.

Nigerian lace style

Beautiful women rocking midi lace as what to wear to church

Asobi can also be worn at church, so do you know the lace you wear at your wedding? If not, ok.

a lady rocking blue race asoebi

A hack to achieve this is to give the lace robe a modest neckline and sleeves.

How to dress for church with a caftan/senator

Cute man in church attire with caftan

Kaftan styles for men are also perfect for church attire. Similar to the senator’s style, it’s stylish and understated.

The man rocking the senator's costume

If you don’t want to rock British suits, wear them.

how to wear a suit in church

man wearing black suit

You can’t go full formal attire without mentioning a suit. These outfits are the perfect blend of modesty and style.

Woman in blue suit demonstrating how to dress for church

But before you do so, make sure your suit is well-tailored to reflect today’s fashion.

maxi/midi dress/skirt

Caucasian woman rocking a midi dress with slits on her legs

Short dresses are not welcome in church. Especially if it’s above your knees. The key word here is humility, right? Therefore, do not show your thighs in the house of the Lord.

Pretty woman in dark green dress with black handbag

Only wear dresses or skirts that fall below your knees. This includes midi or maxi his skirts and dresses to church. It can be flared or form-fitting, depending on your choice.

Stack sleeveless items

A woman layering her outfit with a light purple blazer

Don’t throw away your sleeveless tops and dresses when learning how to dress for church. Instead, pair it with outerwear for a refreshing look. This includes jackets, blazers, coats, kimonos, etc.

A man wearing sneakers with a blazer outfit

Layering is a great way to restyle your outfit without looking repetitive.

church accessories

A man rocking a suit with a wristwatch and sunglasses

Dressing well and going to church is not enough. It should also be paired with suitable shoes and accessories. They complete your outfit and give you a stylish look.

Smiling woman in black and yellow clothes holding a woven bag

Remember, dressing for church is a bit like dressing for work. Pull it off through formal office wear and business casual attire. I mean keep pool sliders etc here.

Women rocking maxi Ankara dresses as a way to dress up for church

Instead, wear shoes such as heels (pumps, stilettos, platforms), sneakers, sandals, and formal shoes for men. Also, keep accessories to a minimum. Wear necklaces, jewelry, and other jewelry, but don’t over-accessorize your outfit so that it doesn’t look too loud.

Man in senator costume for church service

Also, make sure you wear your perfume correctly so that it always smells good. If you go to a church that smells bad, you are distracting the rest of the congregation from the gospel. You don’t want that, do you?

Finally, don’t be afraid to wear more colors in church. That’s how you praise the Lord in style!

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