Meet A Wood, rising Liberian musician set to take over the music industry with his melodious voice

Liberia’s music industry is undergoing immense growth and revolution, with the rise of a talented new generation of musicians. There are a lot of up-and-coming artists to get excited about. We have selected artists that we recommend you keep an eye on for the next few years.

A Wood has always been a talented musician who sings, writes and raps. Blessed with a powerful singing voice, he decided to enter the music industry at a young age. This decision was inspired by his need to live a fulfilling life. Most importantly, he is adamant about sharing his talents and talents with the world. He’s excited to share his music and art with the world, as his future looks promising sonically and artistically.

Multi-talented, A Wood is also known for breaking the rules and pushing boundaries to achieve his goals.

He showed a different, wilder side of himself with a feature with Mc Caro on the ‘King Caro’ album tagged ‘Fine’ and was also featured on Davy C’s final single ‘Body’. I was. With his contribution of these songs, SmooV HQ realized A Wood was poised to make an impact in the music industry.

He recently chatted with our writer about his budding music career and his future plans.

When and how did you start making music??

I started playing music in 2013. By then she was in a sixth grade class. At the time, my friend and I had a cousin who was doing music, and we had a music group called Normal Routine. I loved listening to their rapping and singing. So whenever they went to practice, I always followed them. I really wanted to be part of their musical group, so I started researching how to write music and started listening to both Liberian and foreign musicians. Then I started writing my own songs. It was very complicated at first. You know, I get ideas for how I want the song to sound, and I translate these ideas into words and rhymes. It was crazy, but then I started to understand everything about songwriting. And in about a week or so, I had already written three songs. I showed them to my cousin and he was shocked at my rapid improvement. They asked me to join their group, so I accepted.

The story behind the stage name?

I don’t have much to say about my name “A-Wood”. Back then, when I was still literally crawling in music games, I was looking for a name. I was looking for a name that suited me and the type of music I make. But I couldn’t find a suitable one. So I decided to try something simpler and found my stage name, A-Wood.

What do you want your work to convey?What impact do you want your song to have on listeners??

Well, I want people to feel all my emotions when listening to my songs, not just the vibe and the dance. I put my heart into every part of my work and I don’t want to be taken lightly. Because my songs can heal your broken heart, inspire you, motivate you, and brighten up a dark day.

Who are your biggest influences in the music industry right now??

We say Mc Caro, Kizzy W, and CIC. I mention her McCaro in the first place not because I know her personally, but because I was actually inspired by her story. She is a go-getter and always surprises me. She is one of the strongest Liberian musicians I have ever seen. Despite everything she’s been through, all the challenges she’s faced, and all the criticism that can break a normal person, she stands her ground and goes for what she wants. I have learned a lot from her over the years, but one important thing.
Her story taught me something I will never forget. Never give up and push forward on the path you believe in, even if it’s hard. I love Kizzy W and CIC for their unique musical talent, style, and how effortlessly they transition from collocua to standards in their songs. I love their consistency too. We understand that staying on top is not easy. You need that full package, not just talent, trust me. they have it all.

Do you currently have a team? If so, how important are they in your career??

I got the record label SmooV HQ. My record label and manager have put a lot of work into building my brand and making sure everything is done the right way. Superstar McCaro featured me on a single from her EP named “Fine”. . These releases lay the groundwork for my label to build enough confidence to release its first single. So they are doing everything they can to ensure that my debut single and subsequent singles are a success.

How would you rate Liberian music in general? Do Liberian musicians have an impact in Africa and beyond??

yes. Things seem to be getting better and now everyone has an equal opportunity to create. We still have a long way to go in terms of impact, but we will get there.

Are you thinking of collaborating with artists from other parts of the continent? Name three artists you would like to work with. Why??

Of course, we are also thinking about collaborating with artists from other regions. My top 3 is Wizkid. Both David and Rema like his style.

What to expect in 2023 and beyond?

Expect more great music, global hits, big collaborations, and awards. And in my songs, I’ll be talking about true love, real life, and life, including emotional feelings.

Despite being the new kid on the block, Wood is growing musically and definitely hopes for a better future, especially now that singing is one of his strategies for entering the global market. Yes. Wood can only raise the bar.

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