35 Dirty Blonde Hair Colors That Are Perfect for You

If there’s anything special about blonde hair, it’s the fact that it’s never one shade. For example, if you don’t want to rock golden blonde, you can always opt for other shades such as bleach, honey, platinum, and dirty blonde hair.

Gone are the days when women stuck to rocking one shade of blonde their whole life. Dirty blonde is one such popular shade.As you know, this hair color is a fashion statement in itself. And even the world’s hottest blondes and other celebrities rock them.

You don’t have to be naturally blonde to achieve this look. Besides, if you are a natural brunette or black who is embarking on a color change journey, this look is perfect for you without damaging your hair.

In fact, this article you are reading is the nudge you need to keep going. And to help you get started with your messy blonde hair makeover, you’ll find our handpicked great ideas in this post.

What is dirty blonde hair color?

Beautiful woman shows dirty blonde hair gathered in a messy ponytail

This hair color is a darker shade of blond look with a perfect mix of wheat blond, medium blond and brown tones. Another name for this hair color isdishwasher blondeUnlike other blonde hair colors like platinum and ice blonde, it is less yellow and more brownish, making it easier to maintain even if you have dark roots.

Benefits of dirty blonde hair

Woman with beautiful dirty blond hair, middle part with bangs

Most dirty blonde hair colors are tailored to match each person’s unique natural shade.It doesn’t matter if you have light, medium, dark blonde, or brunette roots. Various dark and light shades of her signature blonde hair are interwoven to create an attractive color that looks good on everyone.

Another big advantage of this look is that it frees your hair from all the damage that comes with bleaching.

What is the difference between dirty blonde and dark blonde?

Gorgeous woman rocks wavy hair with dark roots and blonde tips

Dirty blonde is a blend of different shades such as light brown and dark blonde. Most often have golden highlights or shades, so they are not as dark as dark blondes.

how to care for dirty blonde hair

The woman shows off her middle waves with blonde highlights.

If you’re ready to go dirty blonde, you’ll need to step up your hair care routine. A hair care routine at home is also important.

To achieve this, use your regular shampoo and conditioner. hair treatment prescription Especially for colored hair. First, apply shampoo to wet hair and massage until foamy. After rinsing, apply conditioner and leave for at least 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

This helps keep the hair in place until you are ready for another hairstyling appointment.

1O amazing dirty blonde hair ideas you should try

So where do you start looking for inspiration? Right here in this post. Keep reading to see the dirty blonde colors we’ve curated to inspire your next hair appointment.

natural looking messy blonde bob

Profile with dirty blond hair and a bob cut.

This gorgeous look is perfect when opting for a low maintenance look. This look is achieved by asking your stylist for blonde and light brown baby highlights.

reverse dirty blonde ombre

Beautiful dirty blond hair with curly waves.

Beautifully textured dirty dark blonde hair roots adorned with wavy curls and brunette tips are one of the best ways to rock that summer look.

messy blonde hair pixie cut

A beautiful woman shows off her messy blonde pixie cut.

If you go for this look, be prepared to tell your stylist to add side-swept bangs that flaunt your facial features and add some flair to this amazing haircut. To do this, dry your hair with a paddle hairbrush and secure it in place with hairspray.

natural color waves

It's a gorgeous hair color if you're aiming for beachy waves.

This look is very common Jennifer AnistonBut it’s not just for her. You can also shake it. Complement your natural hair color with this dirty blonde look. Feel free to add curls if you want to spice it up.

icy blonde shaggy bob

Beautiful woman with gorgeous icy blonde hair and female profile.

Icy blonde pieces, dark roots and shaggy curls bring a new dimension to the dirty blonde look. And if you’re ready to turn heads, pair this look with a bob cut and off-the-shoulder dress.

Stunning dirty blonde Bayaraju

Back view with gorgeous dirty blonde hair.

This dirty blonde hair color is the perfect low maintenance look.The warm tones work well with most skin stones and are well received and widely accepted. When styling this gorgeous dirty blonde look, don’t forget to add curls and hairspray for a beachy look.

dirty blonde curly hair

A beautiful woman rocks dirty blonde hair with honey blonde highlights.

This hair color is also perfect for women with curly hair. Beige shades look great on any skin tone. Make an appointment with a curl specialist to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle.

Dirty ash blonde with shoulder length hair

Side profile with icy blonde hair in a bob cut.

Dirty ash blonde hair combined with a shoulder-length cut, smoky roots, and a subtle balayage look looks gorgeous with straight layered hair. It’s also great for long, fine, fine hair.

The perfect balance of blond and brown hair

A mix of blonde hair and a brunette look

If you’ve heard about the best of both worlds, you can get it with this look. This gorgeous messy blonde hair color is the perfect blend of brunette and blonde. right? just kidding.

light dishwater blonde

Beautiful woman rocking wavy icy blonde hair.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that perfectly whitens all the perks of platinum blonde hair color. Vanilla highlights blended with lowlights to enhance your complexion.

More dirty blonde hair colors to inspire you

Ready to try out these dirty blonde hair color ideas? Scroll down to find more photos to inspire you.

Honey blonde hair parted to the side.
gorgeous woman with long blond hair
A blend of brunette and blonde highlights.
A side parted look of dirty blonde hair.
A beautiful woman with middle-parted blonde hair and a soft expression.
A beautiful woman shows off her short dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights.
Beautiful lady show with honey colored hair.
Dirty blond hair as ice in a side part.
Khloe Kardashian shows off her long, dirty blonde hair.
A beautiful woman shows off her dirty blonde hair wrapped in a disheveled bun.
Beautiful Woman Shows Off Her Straight Side - Dirty Blonde Look
A smiling beautiful woman rocks her blond hair with a gorgeous smile.
Gorgeous woman shows off long wavy hair with platinum highlights
A pretty woman rocking the perfect combination of blonde hair and honey tones.
Gorgeous woman with honey blonde hair..
Beautiful woman with long gorgeous messy blond hair.
Gorgeous woman showing long hair side view.
Jennifer Lopez shows off the center of her dirty blonde hair parted in waves.
Back view with long wavy gorgeous blonde hair.
Gorgeous woman show her long hair with blonde highlights.

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