41 Stunning Kaftan Styles for Men to Rock in 2023 & Beyond

Show me a very classy and stylish men’s native wear. Introducing the latest caftan styles for men. This African attire is the perfect outfit for men who love to look classy yet Afrocentric in all they do.

You can wear it to worship, work, dates, weddings, casual or formal outings. In fact, it is the most popular native wear for modern men. Guess what, that’s why you’ve come to this page looking for trendy kaftan his style for your next outing.

got it. Let’s take a closer look so we don’t waste time.

Reasons to wear caftan style on men

an actor wearing a white senator costume with stripes around it

These styles are trending. It is the African version of the suit. If I’m not mistaken, almost every man has at least one caftan in his wardrobe. They come in handy for casual, semi-formal and even formal events.

And thanks to today’s great designers, many styles are born. So, if you ever get bored with the regular kaftan design you’ve been wearing, you can always switch it up by sewing one of the styles in this post.

As you can see, we’ve carefully curated it to reflect the trends of the 2020s.

Is there a difference between a caftan and a senator?

Actor wearing a white caftan with a red wart hat

In the Nigerian sense, men’s caftans and senators are the same style. But the styles of senators’ shirts these days are different.

Yeah, for Nigerians male caftans and senators are the same. Asian, Moroccan or Senegalese caftanInstead, it is a robe or tunic popular among Asians and Arabs.

Suitable fabrics for making caftan styles for men

Respectable man wearing modern caftan style

The most popular fabric used to make senators is cashmere. In addition to cashmere, you can also use attic fabric, cotton, ankara fabric, and isiagu.

Things to check when buying fabric for caftan

Men wearing brown and light brown short sleeve kaftan styles for men

If you want to make sure you are buying quality cashmere or fabric for your senator’s suit, make sure that:

Men's RMD Rocking Sky Blue Kaftan Style


The fabric feels neither too soft nor too hard. Too stiff and you may not get the best results for your caftan suit. Too soft and the quality may suffer.

Look for something in between. And touch and feel the fabric before purchasing.

color bleeding

Imagine spending money on a so-called high-quality fabric, sewing it, wearing it once, washing it, and finding the color bleed.

Heartbreaking, right? Indeed, such things can happen if you don’t check the fabric to see if it bleeds.

how do i do this As a designer, my go-to hack is to ask the fabric vendor to cut a piece of fabric and test it with water (and possibly a little detergent) while it’s on the market. , rub the wet fabric with a white cloth. If the color shifts to white, you know better than to buy.

Kind of hard, right? In particular, the market does not allow you to walk around with water and detergent. So if you can afford to skip this process and avoid checking for bleeding, feel free to. . useful.


Fine cashmere is a little stretchy. In other words, it should be able to stretch, contrast, and relax under pressure. Check this out the next time you want to buy fabric for your Senator.

how to style a caftan

The man who rocks the men's caftan style in four colors in one outfit

When your senator costume is ready, don’t just put it on. Take your time and style it with the perfect accessory.

The man rocking the Senator in a black Igbo cap and pocket fillers

For example, you can wear neck chains or bracelets and add pocket fillers or brooches to your shirt.

A man with a cane shaking Senator Agbada

Also, the shoes that match your outfit are important. If you don’t want to wear dress shoes such as loafers, you can pair the kaftan with palm slippers or sneakers.

Cute guy rocking a caftan with a necklace, sunglasses and sneakers

To help you better, we wrote a guide on how to combine men’s shoes. Check it out and learn more about it.

Urban kaftan styles for men that suit you

A man wearing a Hausa hat and rocking a caftan

Here comes the most anticipated moment. Choose one of these styles and head to the tailor.

short sleeve kaftan style for men

A man wearing an orange short-sleeved caftan

This style is perfect if you want to show off your biceps. Not only does it show off your arms and hands, but it also keeps you from sweating when you shake it, so it’s breathable.

long sleeve kaftan

man wearing brown long-sleeved caftan

On the other hand, if you don’t want your arms to spread out, you’ll want long sleeves.

monochrome kaftan

A man wearing monochrome senator wear with white sneakers

This style uses a single color fabric to create a kaftan suit. It can be neutral tones such as navy blue, black, grey, white, brown, beige, or plain fabrics.

bright piece

man in red senator costume

You can also use brightly colored fabrics to create the latest men’s latch styles. Vibrant colors stand out from the crowd and add a color lift to your wardrobe.

mix and match

The Man Who Rocks Three Colors In One Kaftan Look

Imagine mixing solid and striped fabrics, or mixing three colors in one senator outfit. The result is a fashion statement you can’t miss.

Statement kaftan styles for men

Man wearing a statement kaftan style for men

Who says a man can’t add pleats, drapes, tails, frills, etc. to a senator’s suit? That person has probably never met a statement caftan outfit.

A rocking statement outfit is the fastest way to stand out.

Other kaftan styles for men

Handsome man wearing pink caftan style for men

Kaftan styles range from short to long sleeves, monotones, neutrals, bright colors and statement pieces.

In addition to the ones you saw earlier in this piece, we’ve picked the best ones for you. Scroll down and use the screenshot button when you find one you like.

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