What it is & How to Maintain it

There is no doubt that a well-groomed beard makes you more attractive and attractive, but does this apply to the neck beard as well?

Frankly, this style may not be a favorite of many. cannot be denied.

So if you want to grow, we have your support. You can find the best tips for maintaining a neat neckline on this page.

What is a mustache?

A man rocking his full beard sideways

Neck whiskers are the facial hair that grows on the neck area. Widen the appearance of your chin and jawline for a more balanced face shape.

However, most of the time they are not properly maintained and this unkempt look has led some men to avoid leaving a beard on their neck.

Origin of neck mustache

A man showing off a full-neck beard around his neckline.

Use of this term Dating back to the 1800’swhen Charles Shielfed used it to describe the man with the bearded neck in his novel.”lambreton

They are believed to have been very popular around the time of the American Civil War and gained more attention during the fashion-forward beard era.

Is it okay to have a neck beard?

Handsome man combing his beard on his neck.

This is up to you. If you’re growing a neckbeard and you like the way it looks, feel free to keep it. But always take care of yourself.

However, if you don’t have time to grow and maintain this beard, you can remove it and leave it shaved.

How does neck hair grow?

Guys style their neck beards in unique ways.

Just as our faces are different, so are our beards, thanks to factors such as heredity and genetics. However, neck hair usually grows at a faster rate than other facial hair.

During the first few weeks or months of growing out your beard or neck hair, there is a stage that many people find uncomfortable. This is where the beard is about to reach its full potential, but the hair on the neck is sloppy.

This is part of the growing process, so don’t worry too much. If you keep growing, you will soon get out of this stage.

How to grow a mustache?

The man shows off a well-trimmed neck beard.

Keep in mind that a neck beard isn’t for everyone. So if you’re looking to find one, there are a few things you should do first.

First, make sure you have enough facial hair to grow a neck beard. If you can only grow a thin mustache, you cannot grow a neckbeard.

Then be prepared to put in the time and effort required to grow a neck beard. They take a long time to grow and require regular grooming.

And finally, decide to grow your neck hair out to look comfortable all the time.

A man with a white beard.

10 popular neck beard styles

A profile view of a man with a full neck beard.

If you decide to rock this look, consider the following styles.

neck mustache with mustache

A man with a thin mustache and a beard all over his neck

This style is classy and best suited for men with oval faces.

To achieve this look, simply trim your facial beard, use beard oil to lengthen it, and twist the ends of your mustache.

lumberjack beard

Profile of tattooed man with full neck beard

This style is best suited for men with sharp, thin noses and square face structures. Grow your beard to get this look and keep trimming it often to prevent flyaways.

levine beard

Adam Levine shows off a beard on his scruffy neck.

Adam Levine inspired this style. Sexy and very masculine. This look is perfect for men with rectangular face structures and sharp jawlines.

Trim your beard regularly so that your facial hair is a few millimeters longer than your beard under your neckline.

thin mustache thick chin strap

Man with glasses showing off his well-trimmed neckline

If you have no problem growing a full thick beard then this look is for you.

Style this hair by cutting the mustache short, buzzing the hair from midway down the neck, and shaping the hair at the cheekbones for a flatter look.

chin strap beard

The man rocks the beard on his neck in goatee style.

This look is popular with men and suits them well. Perfect for men with round or long faces and thick beards.

While trimming, leave a few stray hairs around the neck for a scruffy look and buzz with a chin strap so that it is no more than about an inch wide, leaving a long beard.

short neck beard

Handsome man rocking short neck beard.

This look is probably one of the most admired and attractive beard styles of this era. It looks professional and gives men a handsome hunk.

This style includes manicured neckline hair, a well-trimmed mustache leading to medium stubble, and a distinctive soul patch.

short beard with little neck hair

Man shows off his scanty neck bearded look

This combo is a very attractive look that gives a lot of personality.

In fact, it draws people’s attention from the bald part of his beard.

long neck beard with waves

A man with a wavy beard and a ponytail.

This style is perfect for older men with textured hair. It covers the entire chin. Grow at least 3 inches of beard, including the area under your chin and in front of your neckline.

No-maintenance full beard

A man wearing glasses that rocks the no-maintenance look.

As the name suggests, this is one of those low maintenance looks. Several celebrities have been seen in this look.

The only thing you need to do to style this look is allow the beads to grow and be washed regularly so they don’t look unkempt.

wild and sophisticated

A sweaty man sporting a beard look.

This look is the perfect blend of class and masculinity. It suits men with long noses and slender bodies.

To achieve this look, wait for the neck beard to grow naturally and trim it frequently to achieve the shape shown above.

Tips for keeping a clean neckline

Handsome man with glasses wears a white t-shirt with a beard.

Follow these suggestions if you want to maintain a neat and clean neckline.

trim neck beard

Trimming your neck beard is the first step in the right direction to maintaining a neat neckline.

Here are some simple tricks I use to prevent small cuts. Bring your index and middle fingers together and place your index finger on the top of your neck.

In this placement, the middle finger should be on top of the apple.

keep your beard clean

Another way to maintain a neat neckline is to wash your beard regularly. Especially if you have a lot of facial hair.

Dirt can clog your hair and make it look unkempt. To prevent this, use a cleanser to keep your neck beard neat and tidy.

use shaving gel

Shaving gel helps keep your neck fresh. It also protects your skin from burns, bumps and cuts. Add it to your grooming process.

It’s not just about grooming your neck beard.Leave hair care to us

And that is to grow and maintain a beard on your neck. To make you more attractive, combine it with cute men’s hairstyles. You can choose to rock your haircut or wear a braided hairstyle for men.

The key to keeping your neck hair looking great is to groom all the other hair on your body, especially the hair on your head.

And when that’s settled down, choose one of the neck beard styles we’ve shown you. Not satisfied with what you’ve seen above? .

Profile of a man with a full neck beard
side view of man with short neck beard
Handsome man with short beard
A man wearing glasses has a beard and a unique mustache
Handsome man rocking a fully bearded look
Pierce Brosnan with a white beard
Profile of a man rocking a full burgundy beard
man with long hair showing off beard
A man with long hair shows off his full neck beard

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