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Stuffed Turkey Legs – Immaculate Bites

stuffed turkey legs – What happens when juicy roast turkey meets creamy mac and cheese? comfort food magic in the oven! A previously smoked turkey leg is slow-cooked for fall-off-the-bone deliciousness and stuffed with gooey mac and cheese. Looking for a new twist on a classic? Then these turkey leg stuffers fit the bill perfectly.

Did you notice that all turkey fillings aren’t just for the holidays anymore? Now you can customize your turkey legs simple daily mealsAnd this stuffed turkey leg recipe was a huge success the first time my boys ripped them apart.😍

Plus, no complicated engraving is required for this fun twist on the classic roast turkey. Stuffed turkey legs can be eaten alone as a hearty snack or paired with traditional ingredients for a family feast.

Stuffed turkey legs with a fusion of flavors that will delight your taste buds!

What are stuffed turkey legs?

These guys are incredibly delicious. Cook smoked (or plain) turkey drumsticks and slow cook until the meat is almost falling off the bone. Of course, it’s also delicious when stuffed with Spanish rice or creamy shrimp sauce.

recipe ingredients

What you need to make stuffed turkey legs
  1. turkey leg – The main smoked turkey leg is soft, rich and juicy! If you prefer plain turkey legs, those work too.
  2. chicken broth Adds irresistible flavor and keeps meat moist and juicy.
  3. butter It creates a beautiful, rich flavor and allows the seasoning to cling to the turkey.
  4. seasoning – Creole seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder give turkey legs an out-of-this-world flavor! Red pepper flakes are optional, but I love the heat of the heat.
  5. mac & cheese – The creamy, gooey, cheesy filling is the perfect complement to the savory turkey meat! Southern Mac & Cheesebut feel free to use your favorite recipe.
  6. Cheddar cheese – Melt-in-your-mouth cheesy deliciousness is the perfect complement to turkey legs!

How to make stuffed turkey legs

slowly roast the meat
Stuffed with macaroni and cheese, topped with cheese and baked to melt the whole
  • cook turkey legs – Rinse the turkey legs under running water and place them in the bottom of the slow cooker. Pour the broth into the slow cooker and cook the turkey legs over high heat for 4-5 hours or over low heat for 7-8 hours to soften the smoked turkey.
  • Rub – In a small mixing bowl, add melted butter, creole seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper flakes (if using), salt and pepper. Mix it well and apply it to the whole. set aside.
  • remove turkey – When ready, carefully remove the turkey leg from the slow cooker and transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. (Be careful! The turkey is tender and can fall off the bone.
  • split turkey leg – Use a fork to gently separate some of the meat from the turkey leg bone. Liberally coat the turkey leg with the butter mixture for extra flavor.
  • pack them – Stuff turkey leg with macaroni and cheese, sprinkle liberally with shredded cheese and bake in 177°C oven for 5-7 minutes or until cheese is bubbly.
  • serve – Serve stuffed turkey legs with cheese sauce and parsley and enjoy!
A magical, easy-to-oven comfort food with stuffed turkey leg

recipe variations

  1. Want some Mexican food? Rub in coriander lime rub with ½ cup butter, 2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves, and 2 teaspoons lime zest. Mexican rice, black beans, avocado and diced tomatoes. Keriko!
  2. Want a traditional turkey feast? Substitute the macaroni & cheese with your favorite filling (you can also use packaged fillings. I won’t tell you! 😉) and top it with creamy gravy anytime for that holiday meal mood!

tips and tricks

  1. For maximum flavor, rub the seasoning over and under the skin of the turkey leg.
  2. You can also use fresh turkey legs for this recipe. Season the legs with your favorite turkey seasoning, place them in the slow cooker, and add the broth.
  3. After removing the turkey leg from the slow cooker, let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

advance instructions

Stuffed turkey legs are the best freshly baked in the ovenHowever, you can prepare the mac and cheese so that the turkey leg will be ready when it comes out of the slow cooker. 😋

How to eat and store

Leftover turkey legs can be refrigerated or frozen! They can be stored tightly covered. 4 days in the refrigeratorLightly cover a greased baking sheet with foil and reheat to 150°C for 20-30 minutes.

again freezing leftovers in an airtight container up to 3 monthsthaw overnight before reheating.

Enjoy Stuffed Turkey Legs


How can you tell when a turkey leg is cooked?

The best way to tell if it’s done is with a meat thermometer. Turkey legs should reach an internal temperature of 165°F/75°C when finished. Do you have a meat thermometer? Next, make a hole in the middle of the thigh to let the juices out. However, if the juices are still pink, the turkey needs to be cooked longer.

Can you cook turkey legs in the oven?

Don’t have a slow cooker? no problem. Brush the turkey legs with the rub and place them skin side down on an oiled baking sheet. Cook at 350°F/177°C for 30 minutes. Flip them over and cook for 45 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165°F/75°C.

Why are turkey legs hard?

Turkey legs can become tough if not cooked long enough. But don’t worry! The wait is well worth it once you have a bite of the juicy and fragrant meat. 😉

What to Accompany Stuffed Turkey Legs

This alone is a hearty main it’s compatible easy coleslaw again cucumber tomato salad For balance, color and crunch.

If you’re looking for the traditional Thanksgiving side of turkey, cranberry sauce and homemade gravy Winner guaranteed!

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Stuffed Turkey Leg combines the star power of creamy mac & cheese with the elegance of a roast turkey dinner! Craving for a more unique and hearty family meal? Instagram Catch all the latest recipes!

stuffed turkey legs

What happens when juicy roast turkey meets creamy mac and cheese? The magic of oven comfort food! A previously smoked turkey leg is slow-cooked for fall-off-the-bone deliciousness and stuffed with gooey mac and cheese. Looking for a new twist on a classic? Then these turkey leg stuffers fit the bill perfectly.