Epixode Discloses How His Music Has Saved Fans On Different Occasions

A Ghanaian reggae dancehall musician, the episode revealed that one of his songs prevented him from committing suicide.

In a recent interview with Onua FM, Epixode said that his song “Sinner’s Prayer” helped one person stop thinking about suicide and another person pass an exam.

“There’s a song called ‘Sinner’s Prayer.’ Somebody told me, she was going to kill herself, and that song saved her. It was a very personal song, but someone could relate. It was a song that I could do.

“And now if you look at another part of me, when I dropped a song like ‘Mandela,’ somebody got in touch that he was writing a paper, and there was a bio of ‘Mandela.’ There was a question that I had to write Because he knew the lyrics of the song, he passed…

“So for me, as an entertainer, I’m more awake to have bigger goals. If you can make a song that can raise concerns about mining and climate change, that’s a long way. In 10 years, people will actually You will be able to sympathize with them, and please refer to them.”

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