Nigeria’s Gospel Movie ‘Recitation’ Got the Hearts of Fans Trembling

popular gospel filmmaker, Damirola Mike-Bamiroe We have finally screened one of the latest Mount Zion movies titled ‘Recitation’ for the first time in secondary school.

The actor shared images on his Instagram feed of the film featuring “The Winlos” premiere at Orita Mehwa Baptist Model School (OBMS), where he completed his secondary education.

He said his decision to shoot the film Recitation at his former secondary school, which began his adventure into gospel play 20 years ago when he founded a drama group at his school, was based on a spiritual directive from God. I’m claiming

Mount Zion Film Producer Damirola Mike Bamilloe

Evangelist Damirola Mike Bamiloe, popularly known as D’Baba, is a gospel drama pastor, screenwriter, actor, film producer and director. He was born on his September 17, 1989, into the family of Evangelist Mike Vermiloe and Evangelist Mrs. Gloria Mike Vermiloe, a famous drama evangelist.

Evangelist Damirola Mike Bamiloe attended the Oritamefa Baptist Model School (OBMS) in Ibadan. It was during his high school years that he had the vision of starting a school drama group and that was where his ministry was born.

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About the movie

The powerful impact prayer has on our lives is explored in Mount Zion Movie’s thought-provoking film “Recitation.” This movie is an ideal blend of drama, suspense and religion. Take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster and give them a new understanding of the efficacy of prayer.

The value of faith and persistence in prayer is one of the film’s main teachings. The “Recitation” journey proves that prayer is not a magic wand that solves all problems at once. Instead, endurance, perseverance, and perseverance are required. The film shows us that even when we encounter difficulties and setbacks, we must maintain our faith in God and believe that a breakthrough is imminent.

One of his fans, Michael Ayodeji, said of the film: This movie stirred something in me and I still can’t find the perfect words. God bless the whole crew/team. ”

Damirola Mike Bamiloe, who was thrilled with the film’s premiere, said: Many of the scenes were shot at a school that happened to be a middle school. Some scenes were shot in my class, her SS1 piece. Interestingly, I put the main actors in my seat.

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