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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about looking good as a man, it’s that there are no excuses for not looking good. Lots of different options. From clothing to accessories to skincare and even haircuts, there are always plenty of options to choose from. In the hair space his one such option is the tak ash haircut.

This hairstyle is one of the most edgy men’s hairstyles. It’s short, easy to care for, and adds personality to your facial features.

If you’re wondering what it looks like and how to achieve it, here’s everything you need to know about takuache haircuts in this piece. , inspire your next visit to the salon.

Let’s dive in.

What is special about the Takuache haircut?

man rocking edgar haircut

Also known as the Edgar haircut, this is a high bald tapered style with a straight line of bangs across the forehead. It usually features a bowl-style cut with long hair on top of the head and tapers on the sides.

This style is popular among Latino and Hispanic teenage the Mexican version of Caesar’s haircut Suitable for oval, rectangular and pointed face shapes.

Edgar cut is a low maintenance style suitable for all men with Asian or Caucasian hair. So whether your hair is straight or curly, you can rock it and look great. Plus, it’s a great way to add some definition to short hair. If you have receding hair, this haircut will help hide it as the hair will mostly fall to your forehead.

Why is it called Takuache?

cute man showing his haircut

Takuae is a slang term for a young Mexican-American man who drives a large pickup truck and likes to wear expensive Mexican apparel such as jeans, boots, and belts. Most of them wear Edgar’s haircut.

But literally the word “Bruise” it’s spanish Possum.

Why do they call it the Edgar haircut?

Man rocking Edgar haircut with fringe

Because of the story surrounding its popularity, people call it Edgar’s haircut. According to the story, around 2019, a young fan asked barber Anthony Reyes to engrave the face of Edgar Martinez, a former major league baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, on the back of his head. When I reposted the style, it went viral.

Since then, he’s been called Edgar Cut, and he’s become popular on Twitter and TikTok among Gen Z.

What is the difference between Edgar and Takuache?

Cute guy rocking a fluffy hairstyle

They are exactly the same, so there is no difference between them. Edgar Haircut and Taku Ash Haircut are just different names for the same hairstyle.

Types of Takuache haircuts

Man with studs showing profile of haircut

Takuachi Fringe

Man rocking a haircut with bangs

This is a regular Edgar haircut. It includes a fringe that goes around the forehead. The bangs can be long or short depending on the overall length of your hair.

Fluffy Takuacha Haircut

Man rocking a fluffy haircut

This style is full of wavy. It features thick wavy hair that stands out. Choose this style if your hair is long enough and voluminous.

edgar haircut in bora

Man rocking Edgar's haircut in a mullet

As the name suggests, it is a style that combines mullet and takuache cut. Featuring a bowl-cut fringe and mullet hairstyle, the barber cuts the hair short on the front, top, and sides, but leaves it long in the back.

Takuache haircut with blunt bangs

A man wearing a tak ash with blunt bangs

Here we make the entire fringe the same length for a blunt cut effect.

curly tuck ash haircut

Man rocking curly Edgar hairstyle

Curls are a great way to express your hair. After cutting your hair, you can achieve a curly eEgar cut with already curly hair or curls.

edgar cut with fade

Cute man sitting on chair showing his haircut with fade

There’s something a fade does to a haircut. It adds this touch of change to its look. Want it in your hair? wonderful. Ask your barber to thin the sides of your hair when creating Edgar’s haircut.

patterned takuache cut

Man rocking haircut in heart-shaped pattern

Want to add heart shapes, zigzag lines, names, straight lines, circles or a unique pattern to your head? Edgar haircuts can accommodate any pattern or parting you desire. to go.

short edgar haircut

cute man showing his hair sideways

Think your hair isn’t long enough for drape fringes? You can still achieve a taqueshe cut at the length of your hair. The way all the strands are kept flat on the head is another attraction in itself.

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