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Shall we give you a riddle? Something I do, I double as a vegetable and a hairstyle. what am i I thought you were right Broccoli. But today we will not talk about it as a vegetable. (We’re not a food blog in the first place).

Celebrities and influencers started trending this hairstyle in 2015. Generation Z In thanks to social media tick tock, the hairstyle is gaining mainstream acceptance. If you want to wear broccoli cuts like everyone else, you’ve come to the right place.

Man wearing a masked bird's nest

This article will tell you everything you need to know about this haircut. Also includes style inspiration for the following looks:

What is a broccoli haircut?

Man showing his curly zoomer haircut

alias bird’s Nest again zoomer perm, This haircut is for men and women with wavy, spiky or curly hair. It involves rocking curls, but shaving the sides of the hair into a fade while the top is long and messy. broccoli.

Additionally, the hair is usually shorter in the back and the bangs are long enough to reach the eyebrows.

beautiful bird's nest hairstyle with a part at the back

You might think broccoli is only for people with curly hair. You don’t have to be naturally curly to achieve this look. You can turn her hair into curls or rock a straight spiky broccoli haircut.

How to achieve a broccoli haircut

Man with straight zoomer perm

To get this look, the hair should be cut short at the back and sides. After fading, make the top of your hair longer than the back. And once your hair is cut, use pomade or hair wax to style it as big or small as you like.

Cute man rocking curly broccoli hairstyle

Types of broccoli haircuts for stylish men

Cute guy flaunting wavy broccoli

The great thing about this men’s hairstyle is that it can be customized to suit your style and you don’t have to do too much to achieve it.

Let’s say you need a larger quiff or collar cut. All you need is a hairstyling product and you’ll have the hairstyle of your dreams that will transform your head. Here are the best things you can go for:

curly broccoli

Profile of a man showing his hairstyle

This is the next style of the most common bird.

Man rocking curly summer perm

And like all curly hairstyles, this will enhance your look and draw attention to your hair.


cute guy wearing studs showing his hair

If you don’t want heavy or bouncy curls, but want to add deets to your hair, opt for waves.

Perfect wavy bird's nest haircut.

It’s a relaxed form of curls, yet still flattering the look.

spiky broccoli haircut

Asian man rocking spiky broccoli haircut

Just because you have straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock a broccoli cut.

Justin Bieber's swinging bird's nest hairstyle

And that’s another fascinating detail in itself.


color zoomer haircut

Would you like to dye your favorite mild color or bold color?

blonde broccoli haircut

A great way to stand out and make a big statement with your haircut.

medium length

cute hair style in medium length swallow's nest

The length of this style is often long enough to touch the eyebrows.

Young man with medium length hairstyle in swallow's nest

Best if your hair is not very short.

broccoli short haircut

Man with beard showing his hairstyle

This style is shorter than the above and stays below the forehead.

A man rocking a short swallow's nest hairstyle

Many more broccoli haircut styles exist. If the above doesn’t satisfy your taste, a little more eye candy:

Man with glasses rocking broccoli haircut

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