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The wolf cut is a perfect hairstyle for men who like to wear their hair in different lengths and layers. And since you’re on this page, I assume you’re one of them.

This hairstyle is expressive. It exudes an intentionally unstructured finish that gives you a cool look. Although it originated in South Korea, it has gained worldwide recognition and is enjoyed by men with all types of hair, whether Asian or Caucasian.

Sideways man showing untamed hairy cut

We know you have some questions about this haircut. For example, which style is best for you and how can you decide if it suits you? That’s what this piece covers. Read on to find out.

What is a wolf cut?

Man sticking out his tongue while wearing a red wolf cut

A wolf cut is a type of haircut that features short layers starting at the crown and long layers tapering towards the ends of the hair.It is a combination of a shag haircut and a mullet haircut. can. As the name suggests, it resembles a wolf’s mane.

This style is perfect for contouring your face and adding volume to your hair. If you like to look cool yet wild or wild, that’s the hairstyle you should go for.

Is Wolfcut easy to maintain?

Asian with messy hairy cut

This haircut is not that low maintenance. You can’t just wash and wear it like you would with a buzz cut. Styling is required, especially if the male wolf’s cut has curls or waves. You should also apply hair products, blow-dry it, and go to the salon regularly to check your layers.

Is the wolf cut suitable for men?

Naked man showing off his disheveled male wolf cut

Yes, it is. A detailed hairstyle that enhances your beauty and accentuates the length of your hair. So go for it.

What face shape is best for a wolf cut?

Man with disheveled cut and curtain bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes. But it looks more perfect if you have an oval, square, or round face. This is because it creates movement around the chin and jawline and frames it according to the shape of the face.

Is the Wolf Cut suitable for everyone?

man in turtleneck wearing blond wolf cut

Yes, this hairstyle is suitable for those looking for volume in their hair. It also looks great on all hair lengths, hair types and hair textures. But people with thick curly or wavy hair will look better cut and carefree.

Is Wolf Cut perfect?

Man in knitted sweater rocking black and white wolf cut

no. This style is only for those who want to achieve more hair volume. If that’s not your goal, skip this cut.

Does Wolf Cut make your hair look thicker?

A man in a ragged top is rocking his hairy bangs

Yes, this hairstyle makes your hair look thicker. Choppy waves and layers help add depth and volume to your hair. Additionally, the combination of short layers on top and long layers on the bottom makes your head look like you have more hair.

Are wolf cut and mullet the same?

man swinging mullet

A wolf cut hairstyle and a mullet are not the same. Sure, they look similar, but they’re still different. Both hairstyles feature short, heavily layered bangs, but the main difference between the wolf cut and the mullet is in the way it is layered.

One is that the upper part of the mullet has this haircut that resembles a bowl and a long lower part that looks like a tail.

man with mullet hairstyle

On the other hand, the cut of the male wolf looks more like a shag cut than a mullet. Its layers are more uniform and vary in length. Also, while wolf cuts usually have bangs, mullet rarely has bangs.

man rocking wolf cut hairstyle

another Difference Between Male Wolf and Mullet You can do the former yourself, but you’ll have to go to a hair salon and get a mullet.

Additionally, the wolf cut is more versatile, suitable for a variety of hair lengths and textures.

How to care for your Wolfcut

korean actors with hairy cuts

brush your hair daily

If you don’t brush your wolf cut hairstyle every day, it will look unkempt and not good for your health.

In addition, daily brushing helps prevent tangles and frizz. You can use a round brush for this. If your hair tends to get knotted, apply a detangling spray to prevent breakage.

Apply hair styling products

Products like leave-in conditioners, pomades, and texturizing sprays help keep the cut in place. It also provides more beauty benefits. For example, leave-in conditioners moisturize hair, keep it healthy, and protect follicles from buildup.

trim on a regular basis

Otherwise, the short layers will grow into the length of the long layers and it will no longer be a wolf cut.

Types of male wolf cuts to try

Man rocking long male wolf cut

There are many different styles of wolf cuts to suit you. There are many styles of these, from curly to wavy, straight to short and whatever you have. But before settling down, consider your face shape and Be prepared to play around with different textures for a more disheveled and hairy look.

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