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Have you been looking for the perfect short haircut to suit your face? If yes, search no more. Buzz cut is perfect for you.

If you don’t want your hair to grow long, cutting it short is your best bet. But during this time, you have to be careful that the short haircut you’re going for doesn’t ruin your look.

Also known as the wiffle cut, this style refers to short men’s hairstyles in which the hair is the same length on all parts of the head.

man with olive eyes showing low cut

But why is it called “buzz” cut? Which buzz haircut style suits your face shape? Let’s find out together.

Why is it called a buzz cut?

A man wearing a suit with a low-cut hairstyle

This haircut got its name in the 19th century when manual clippers became popular. The “buzz” came from the buzzing sound that clippers make while shaving.

In other news, the short haircut for men achieved with clippers is the buzz cut. Originally, military personnel wore this style. However, as time went on, civilians also adopted this style. And now, this close shave style has added elements and tweaks. For example, there are also Buzz his cuts of various lengths (albeit still short) and colors.

Why Choose Buzz Cut

Cute guy saying goodbye in low cut

it gives you a decent look

One of the reasons the military adopted this style is its politeness. Buzz’s cut is a conservative hairstyle, perfect for minimalist men who don’t want to draw attention to themselves with their hair.

Additionally, this style presents you as a decent man, especially now that people are quick to label anyone by their appearance.

Accentuate facial features

Since the hair is cut low on the head, facial features are more prominent.

Your jawline, cheekbones, pretty eyes, eyebrows, and all the other features that make you a handsome man are perfectly visible to anyone who comes across you.

Additionally, this style will stand out if you have tattoos on your face, studs, or a nose ring. Keep your hair low and let your other features shine.

low maintenance

Need a haircut that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror? A close shave is for you.

This style reduces prep time. No need to spend minutes conditioning, blow-drying or styling. Moisturize your hair, brush it, dress it up and let’s get started.

helps save money

Don’t worry, this cut is a simple one that doesn’t do much, so it won’t cost you anything. This depends on the barber’s fees, but unless you plan on adding tweaks such as coloring, a buzz cut is inexpensive.

What face shape suits a buzz cut?

handsome man wearing low cut

If you have a well-proportioned diamond, square, or oval face shape, this style is for you.

Human race We will share more light on which face shape suits this hairstyle.

If you have a lean face, a sturdy chin, and good cheekbones, you’re perfect for the buzz cut look. Keep in mind that hair probably isn’t for you. People with well-proportioned diamond, square, or oval faces look best. If you don’t fit into that bracket, you might still be able to pull one off, but you’ll likely need to use beard grooming creatively to square your jawline.

What does the buzz cut symbolize?

cute guy wearing wiffle cut

This haircut is more than it looks. It symbolizes boldness, masculinity, confidence, simplicity, style and trust in facial features.

Not everyone can part with long hair. So if you stand by one of these values, go for it.

How to maintain a buzz cut

Man with eyebrows wearing buzz haircut

If you’ve already decided to shave your hair into a wiffle cut, here’s how to keep it. And, as we established earlier, this haircut is low maintenance.

Simply moisturize with a hair cream/oil and brush your hair daily. Also, if you don’t want your hair to grow back, shave regularly at least once every two weeks.

What is the difference between a buzz cut and a crew cut?

A man with a receding hairline wearing a low cut

Buzz cut is an umbrella term for cuts that are all the same length. Crew cuts, on the other hand, have different lengths on the top, back and sides. This gives a more defined silhouette and is more recognizable.

Is the buzz haircut good for thinning hair?

Chris Evans shows off his low cut with folded hands

Choose this haircut if you want to hide a receding hairline. It does a good job of doing that for you.

Do women like buzz cuts?

A man relaxing in his chair and showing off his haircut

There is no definite answer to this question. This is because different people have different opinions and preferences. Some women like men with short hair, others like men with long hair.

It’s up to you to avoid what other people think and choose a haircut that suits your style, taste, and personality.

types of buzz cut hairstyles

Man looking into the camera showing his haircut

Finding the right buzz cut has a lot to do with style, comfort and function. So before choosing a cut, consider its purpose, whether it fits your style, and whether you’ll be comfortable wearing it.

Nevertheless, here are the buzz cut styles you can choose from:

Cute man wearing a chain and showing his hairstyle

Buzz cut with fade

As the name suggests, this style involves adding fades (length transitions) to the sides of the hair. It’s a modern topical haircut that keeps you in style and on trend.

Man with glasses wearing buzz hairstyle with fade

military buzz haircut

man in t-shirt with military buzz haircut

Original wiffle cut. It involves cutting your hair short to about the same length as your scalp.

long buzz haircut

A man wearing earrings and showing a profile of his haircut

If you don’t like having your hair cut short and close to your scalp, you can leave it at a short length so that you can always use a comb to style it.

buzz haircut with beard

drake rocking buzz hairstyle

Since the hair on my head is almost gone, why not leave some facial hair?

A buzz cut combined with a groomed beard gives a gentlemanly look that looks at a woman.

Buzz cut with farewell

Man in black t-shirt with side parting and rocking buzz haircut

Choose this style if you want to accent your low cut. The barber can split Wiffle’s haircut into any shape, from lines to hearts to curves. This is good practice.

color buzz cut

Heart-shaped pink buzz cut on the back

This style is a great way to make a statement with a conservative haircut. You don’t have to wear men’s locks or cornrows to stand out.

Just shave it close and dye your hair the color you like, and you’ll be on your way.

Other wiffle cut styles

Justin Bieber's hot hairstyle

Buzz’s haircut styles are not limited to the above list. You can use them in different levels of fading, tapering and growing hair. Enjoy some styles below.

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