Highlighting for Short Hair— Everything to Know About it

If you think your short hair doesn’t suit a variety of styles, you’re wrong. Your hair may not be long, but that doesn’t mean it’s versatile. You can make a statement with your hair.

Short hair highlights can help you stand out and look different. I think that’s why I’m looking for the best visual girlfriend references to show to my hairstylist. But wait a second before heading to the salon.

Back view of a woman with highlights on her short hair

What kind of highlights do you want to achieve? Do you think it’s safe for your hair? How do you style your hair before adding highlights? This article will answer these questions and more. Read on to find out.

Woman with short brown and pink hair highlights

Highlights are hair treatments that hair stylists do to change the color of your hair or to lighten certain areas of your hair. It may be at the bottom of your hair or on a few strands from top to bottom.

Highlights on short hair are flattering and alluring. They embellish your hairstyle, add texture and give it an edgy feel.

Woman wearing sunglasses showing blonde highlights in short hair

If you’re old and think short hair with highlights doesn’t look good on you, it’s not true. Also, stay trendy and don’t let anyone guess your age.

Besides? This hairstyle will enhance your beauty. Accentuate eye color, accentuate cheekbones, and frame other facial features. Highlights also promote hairstyles, add luster to the hair, and give it a fuller appearance.

Beautiful woman with highlights in short bob hair

Short hair with highlights comes in a variety of colors. For example, you can add blonde highlights to dark hair or choose other colors. Moreover, they are also brought by various techniques. Let’s see them.

Techniques to achieve short hair highlights

A woman whose hairstyle is the highlight of short hair


Balayage highlights for short hair.

What is balayage in French “To sweep.” This is a hair highlighting technique in which a hair stylist or colorist freehand paints dye onto the hair to create a graduated, natural effect.

The balayage technique for short hair highlights is perfect for an edgy, wavy look.


Foil highlights for short hair

Another name for this process is wheel agePart your hair, weave it, and apply bleach or hair dye before wrapping it in foil. This technique adds balance and symmetry to your hair.

The use of foil also keeps the luminaire moist and prevents it from weakening. The results are always amazing.

baby rights

baby light highlights for short hair

In this highlighting technique, the hair is woven into small sections instead of heavy sections and highlighted with loose foil.

Using small sections allows the colors to blend seamlessly to achieve darker or lighter hair colors. Perfect for a natural look. Also, some hair colorists use baby light to color the baby’s hair and hairline area.

hygge highlights for short hair

hygge highlights for short hair

The highlight of this short hair technique is a derivative of balayage. Hygge infuses hair with copper, amber and a hint of blonde. This can add warmth and dimension to uniquely toned hair.

low light

low light highlight technique

This highlighting technique adds dark strands to your hair to give it some contrast. In other words, use darker hair shades to achieve lowlights. It helps give depth to the hair.

So if your goal is to make your hair look darker while adding texture and depth to it. Go low light.

Dull highlights on short hair

Dark highlighting techniques for short hair.

Sombre is short for soft ombre. Highlighting is his technique that gradually lightens hair from root to tip in a more natural way than traditional ombré.

Pintura highlights for short hair

Pintura highlights for short hair

Pintura is for curly hair only.Balayage coloring Technique created by DevaCurlsLiterally, pintura means painting in Spanish. Including coloring curly hair without using foil.

That way, the hair colorist can identify the curls that catch the most light and accentuate them further to add dimension to the hair texture.

flashy highlights for short hair

Flashy highlights in short hair technique

Flamboyage is a combination of ombre and balayage highlighting techniques. Use clear adhesive strips to color your hair for soft peek-a-boo highlights. As a result, they are usually understated yet stylish.


woman wearing ombre highlights

Ombre highlights work by fading the darker roots to a lighter shade towards the ends of your hair. This is a coloring technique, but it can also be used for highlights.

Do highlights damage your hair?

Woman showing curly highlights in short hair

Highlights, like any other hair color, have drawbacks due to the use of chemicals. It won’t completely damage your hair, but it can change the internal structure of your hair and make it look brittle.

But the good thing is that it doesn’t do as much damage as bleach.

How long do short hair highlights last?

Woman wearing blunt cut hair with highlights

Highlights can last up to 2-3 months on average. However, this depends on factors such as your hair type, how you maintain your hair, how you highlight, how healthy your hair is, and your hair care routine.

Things to do before getting highlights for short hair

A woman with side bob and red highlights in short hair

The first thing to do is prep your hair. Don’t get highlights on greasy, oily, or dirty hair. Shampoo and condition her 2-3 days before her hair appointment. This is necessary to allow the hair to build up more natural oils that act as a subtle protective layer for the illuminating agents you use.

Then decide what kind of highlights you want and make sure it fits your budget. Let’s say you want a color that makes you look brighter. Blondes are best.

short hair brunette highlights

Finally, don’t just highlight your hair. Also make sure the color you are using complements your skin tone. As a brand ambassador and star colorist for Matrix, George PapanikolasI got it:

“A very general rule is to choose cool highlights for warm skin tones and warm highlights for cool skin tones.”

Woman wearing pixie cut with highlights

Examples of cool highlights include silver, ash, sand, beige, champagne, mocha, or toffee, while warm lights include golden caramel, amber, honey, butterscotch, strawberry, copper, maroon, or cinnamon. It is included.

We have a guide to show you how to choose the best color for your skin tone. If you want to get better, check out my post soon.

How to make short hair highlights last longer

A woman showing off her short hair with highlights with her hands on her shoulders

Highlights on short hair are often unhealthy for your hair, so making your hairstyle last longer is your best bet, right?

A great way to do that is to delay washing your hair. This is necessary so that the new hair color penetrates the hair well.

Woman looking down showing her pixie cut with highlights

Also, when washing, use cold water instead of hot water. Hot water doesn’t just damage your hair. It also makes short hair highlights fade faster.

In addition to that, always shampoo and condition your hair with a good product to balance the harsh chemicals in any lightening agents you use.

This is the most important step for long lasting highlights.

Woman showing off short hair brunette highlights

Avoid cheating and even do it yourself, as you can make mistakes that can even affect the health of your hair. Make sure you get results.

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