Fashion Super Model: Naomi Campbell Knows What She Wants

The world has been trying to explain her for 30 years.
But the supermodel and athlete would rather handle things her own way.
The origin story of Naomi Campbell plays an important role in the myth surrounding the supermodel, activist, fashion star and sometimes hothead.
As you may know, Campbell, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from a relatively obscure street in London’s Streatham district, was spotted by a model scout while window shopping in the city’s West End. .
It’s a very different story than how today’s most successful models seem to be found by Instagram scouts and being head of the line thanks to their famous parents.

With another ’90s icon (and close friend), Kate Moss, Campbell asked British teenage girls to ‘mode’ as we browsed the sprawling Topshop on Oxford Street. I am responsible for inspiring you to work hard to look like . It can also be “discovered” while out on a Saturday afternoon.

Campbell’s upbringing gives the impression that a chance encounter changed her life. As if she were some sort of “right place, right time” Cinderella story. But when she sits next to her in a hotel suite in a secret location in Europe, she realizes she looks just like her. Role—There must have been some kind of celestial influence.

Naomi Campbell was destined to become famous for how they were made and for those full, balanced lips.
“Most people asked me to write a book,” she told me as she sank into her couch.
The idea of ​​Campbell’s memoir has left her wondering what her take on the countless tabloid headlines that have been published about her will be, but so far she’s holding off. ‘” she insists, not wanting to use a ghostwriter anyway.

Campbell epitomizes Old Hollywood. She exudes the confidence of someone who experienced pre-2000 stardom, or justified popularity.

She doesn’t engage with the calculated modesty or friendly politics that seem common among today’s rising stars. She constantly mentions the incredibly famous celebrities and fashion designers who count among her closest associates, and her Instagram is covered in glitz and jet settings.

She has maintained her status as a fashion hotspot for over 30 years. Of course, I agree to quit everything and get on the plane the day after Christmas.

Despite her arrogance, Campbell can also be very girly, such as sneaking onto the terrace of her hotel room to smoke. “Is called.

Her recent trips include flights from Milan to Miami, Miami to London, London to Egypt (where she sat front row at the Dior menswear show), and to London for the British Fashion Awards. Return to Dakar, Senegal. Chanel’s first catwalk show in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Saudi Arabia then moves to London. From London to New York. Please go back to London.
She will soon travel to the Middle East again before returning to Senegal for vacation.

She still puts in a lot of effort, so why not? Most of her compatriots had long since retired, occasionally resurfacing for legacy campaigns, but for the most part they seemed happy to slow their pace. is still as reserved and active as it was in its 1990s heyday. Just last year she fronted her Balmain, Hugo Boss and Pat McGrath Labs ads. What new peaks could she climb?

“I love my job,” Campbell says. “At this stage in my life, I consider myself fortunate to have the freedom to decide what I do. And I am blessed to still have access to so many amazing opportunities. mosquito?
She continues: i enjoy it My job is challenging, but I enjoy it.
The fact that you enjoy what you do is very important. I still find it rewarding.
For quite some time, that commitment wasn’t just about modeling.

Most of Campbell’s time is now devoted to activism, philanthropy and cultural ambassadorship through Fashion for Relief, a non-profit organization she founded in 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. I am taking my time. world.

She introduced Emerge at a star-studded gala and fashion show in Qatar in October. This initiative aims to find and nurture the next generation of creative talent from emerging communities around the world. Simply put, it refers to internships, coaching, and skill development in creative industries such as technology, art, entertainment, and fashion, in addition to fashion.

The number of young models Campbell has recruited under her patronage is another sign of her commitment to supporting the next generation of fashion creatives.
Adut Akech is a 23-year-old doll-faced model from South Sudan who is currently one of the hottest faces in the industry.

This is a big one because Campbell is boosting her career.

“Do you know how a mother takes care of her child? It’s always comfortable to be around her,” adds Akech. “She’s like a comforter. I feel like there’s another mother figure to raise me, even though I’m far from my original mother. Theme from Tim Walker’s Alice in Wonderland.” Famously including an all-black ensemble, Aketch first met Campbell in 2017 on the set of a photo shoot for the Pirelli Calendar that was released in 2017. “Don’t be weird.” When she moved to New York City alone, she had given her phone number, so she contacted Campbell.She treats me like she treats her own daughter, says Akech

“Every time I’m with her, she makes sure I get into the car safely. Email me as soon as you get home. If I don’t text her, she I don’t sleep
Motherhood can be done in different ways. Bringing up the topic, Campbell replies: She claims that her desire to be one is always clear.”Always.”

Campbell announced the birth of her daughter in May 2021. It didn’t matter when she insisted. “Everyone develops their life in their own way,” she said.

You are linked for the rest of your life. She takes a momentary pause, but it seems to last much longer. “So I decided to go alone.”
But starting as a single parent at 50 is a huge responsibility.
“No, no.” After a while she changes her mind. “Well, maybe you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, but you go with the flow.
Actress Cameron Diaz (or “Cammie,” as Campbell calls her), with whom Campbell currently consults for parenting guidance, was one of the few individuals Campbell spoke to about plans to have children.

She’s someone I’ve known for a long time, and I respect and love with all my heart. When I told her she just said ‘okay’. She’s just a solid and reliable friend.

Despite this, Campbell is reluctant to talk much about parenting. Because she doesn’t want parenting to be the focus of her public persona. This is a sentiment that many mothers-to-be can understand.

The sun is starting to set while we are still outside on our permanently moved terrace from our hotel room. It’s an incredible scene, towering over a hill overlooking the dazzling lights of a nearby town. In light of this, Campbell relaxes.

Campbell often describes herself as a “global citizen”, but it’s clear that this is the part of the world that really captured her heart. She said, “As soon as she gets to Africa, she realizes she’s racist. So that’s a big tick out of the box. She can really blend in.”

Campbell wistfully talks about her native Kenya and its breathtaking natural beauty.

Speaking eloquently about Senegalese dishes such as tiboudienne and yassa, she said: “I’m glad people are finally appreciating the beauty of the African continent.
(Seeing an opportunity, I try to coax her into choosing a side of the “Joloff Wars”. This is between Ghanaians and Nigerians in the diaspora which country makes the best Jolof rice.) It’s a joke competition over Nigeria.
I will not participate

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