African Fashion: In A Double Performance, Kaijuka Abbas Conquers West Africa.

In a double performance, Kaijuka Abbas conquers West Africa.

Make no mistake, it’s his universe and the rest of us are probably gliding through the fog.The Ugandan designer continues to expand his empire internationally. His most recent accomplishment is in West Africa, where he unveiled a signature collection of pieces at the Nuuk International Fashion Weekend in Nigeria last month.

An all-women’s collection featuring vibrant colors and edgy silhouettes was displayed from a designer known for bold, individual pieces that push the boundaries of fashion.
The designer’s heart and work was evident throughout the feminine collection.

On day two, the award-winning designer unveiled yet another spectacular collection celebrating masculinity with bold, edgy, and style-approved designs.

The second stop on the West Africa showcase tour was Lome, Togo, where they unveiled a flamingo monotone outfit at FIMO228.
In a post-show statement, Abbas said the goal of these collections was to celebrate life and bring that vibe to Nook International Fashion Weekend and FIMO228.

“We wanted to show the world the daring, originality and bravery of Ugandan fashion and with this collection, I think we have achieved that goal. We are satisfied and excited to see where Kai’s Divo collection brand goes in the future,” he said.

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