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Ebenezer Agboura


Ebenezer Agboola moved to the UK after spending his life in Nigeria where he was born and raised.
Photographic image creation inspires creativity by experimenting with lens-based photographic media. Photography is a rich art form with a long history, strong links to contemporary art, and endless room for personal expression.
Ebenezer Agboola uses the camera as a tool and method for his works of art. He specializes in a range of artistic photography.
After a successful career as an art photographer, Ebenezer took up art in 2013. his parents are his teachers.
Ebenezer uses creative techniques when taking photos. He creates visuals to tell stories.
The result is a complex and timeless work of art.
The raw photographs he took with his camera were used as his canvases. They helped him express his ideas and ideals for the final image.
He strikes a perfect harmony between dark shadows and piercing light that reveals only certain objects. External flash is skillfully used in the images to create powerful dramatic effects. Ebenezer wants to bring authentic and lasting beauty into everyday life. It’s all about enjoying yourself and being happy. Indeed, the beauty of his extravagant work reflects this.
Ebenezer has participated in many cultural and artistic events such as Holy Art. He believes that photographers should use their images to spread their message, and that images have a purpose.
Because they are so capable of expressing strong emotions and sensations, his photographs usually focus on the subject’s eyes. Ebenezer is a fine art photographer who uses photography to express his artistic vision.

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