28 Casual Wedding Dresses for Laidback Celebrations

When it comes to wedding planning, there is no one-size-fits-all. Some brides opt for elaborate weddings that are full of glitz and glamour, while others prefer a laid-back celebration. Must wear.

But just because you’re having a budget-friendly wedding doesn’t mean your casual wedding dress should be drab. There is. You can find them all in this article as you read on.

What is a casual wedding dress?

Groom standing with wife in casual wedding dress holding flowers

A casual wedding dress is a less flashy, budget-friendly wedding dress with less detail and embellishments. .

bride in short flared wedding dress holding flowers

These wedding dresses are easy to wear. Also available in mini, midi, knee length and maxi. Plus, it’s cheaper than a fancy wedding dress. Plus, the best part is that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, even after the big day.

A woman wearing a white ankle-length dress as a casual wedding dress

There are plenty of understated bridal dresses with a variety of necklines and intricate details. Find the one that suits your personal style and body shape and simply rock them to the admiration of the groom and guests.

What to look for in a casual wedding dress

Woman wearing a short white dress as a casual wedding dress

Consider the following factors when looking for the perfect loose fitting dress for a casual wedding.


Don’t choose a dress without knowing where you are celebrating. If your wedding party is on the beach, a free-flowing maxi budget-friendly wedding dress will be magical. .

That’s how the wedding venue dictates your outfit.


Similarly, the weather plays a big role in determining your wedding wardrobe.In the summer, floral prints, loose fits and short hemlines work well. For winter, you’ll probably wear a cover-up with your sophisticated wedding dress. So take this into consideration when shopping for your bridal dress.

your personal style

This is the most important of them all. Put yourself first in whatever you do. Even the Bible testifies: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

So what does this mean in the context of bridal fashion?

Don’t buy a wedding dress that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and stylish. Don’t wear anything that doesn’t fit your style. If you like the hem above the knee, leave it. And if you like a neckline that reveals your cleavage, go for it.

It’s your wedding, not anyone else’s.

Where can I buy a casual wedding dress?

Woman wearing a white dress with a thigh-high slit as a casual wedding dress

You can get a gorgeous and loose wedding dress wedding dress sites Lulus, Revelry, Reformation, Nordstrom, etc. You can also visit a brick and mortar store or hire a bridal designer to create a piece for you.

Woman in midi casual wedding dress with tiers

The good thing about understated bridal gowns is that they are not specifically wedding dresses. A beige, cream, or white ready-to-wear dress works well as a casual wedding dress. So when shopping, don’t focus on dresses marketed as wedding dresses. Keep an open mind when combing through other casual options.

What else should a bride wear to her casual wedding?

Woman wearing white bridal jumpsuit as casual wedding dress

In addition to casual wedding dresses, brides can also wear chic jumpsuits, bridal suits, or casual outfits from their wedding-appropriate wardrobe. You can choose beige, cream or any color.

Types of loose-fitting wedding dresses

Bride holding a bouquet in a casual bridal dress

These bridal dresses come in different styles. From A-line to pencil, midi, flared, layered, bodycon, maternity and corset wedding dresses, the options are endless. There are also styles that are unique to luxury wedding dresses such as empire waists, mermaids, ball gowns and trumpets. .

Here are some casual bridal styles that will get everyone’s attention on your wedding day.

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