How I Got My Stage Name – Skrewface Narrates

According to hip-life artist Skrewface, he got his stage name after an incident in high school.

Appearing on Hits FM’s Daybreak Hits on Tuesday, he explained how he demonstrated some skills on the floor while hanging out with one of his seniors at a basketball game.

Skrewface claimed that while the action drew applause, his senior was jeered by his peers.

“Then he got furious.” Then we started fighting. He had a screwdriver and pulled it out when I turned away. “A friend warned me, but even when I turned and tried to dodge, a piece of my forehead remained,” the musician explained.

He also said he needed stitches and urgent care and had to be sent to the hospital.

Later, according to Skrewface, when his father visited him, his teacher could only remember him as a student who had his face slashed with a screwdriver.

“I am looking for Eshun,” my father said when he came looking for me. My teacher asked, “Where is the man with his face screwed?” After hearing him say, “His son recently got into trouble and got a cut on his forehead.”

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