Rosie The Glam Factory moved its location from AH hotel, American house to Nikoi Street, East Legon

Mrs Paries Augusta Nyeswah, Founder and CEO of Rosie The Glam Factory, has reopened one of its ultra-modern unisex grooming centers on Nikoi Street in East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

The opening of the new business center will take place after appeals from customers.

Mrs Palies said in an interview that she had a strong desire to expand the working space in order to provide more services and increase the number of staff to fully meet the needs of customers.

Some of these changes included sourcing more qualified and experienced staff to improve service and provide value for money to customers.

Our goal is to start and continue this journey with both old and new customers.

She said her purpose in starting this business was to demystify the myth (beauty is pain) and create charm with comfort.

“Seven years ago, I didn’t really think about what I was doing, but I started this journey with the desire to make a difference and be a change. I get complaints that it hurts, it’s too hot, my head isn’t breathing, my makeup is too heavy, I feel like I’m wearing a mask, my nails don’t look natural, why am I doing everything can’t you do well in one space? is.

“Today, we do this by creating wigs that are breathable and comfortable, that you can wear all day without giving you a headache, makeup that looks glamorous but feels like skin, makeup that looks fresh until you take it off, and beautiful nails. We’ve achieved it, it’s artistic, yet feels light and natural, and remember to last as long as you want to wear it, it’s one space where you can step in and satisfy it all. .”

She also added that her costumes remain committed to providing premium service.

“We’ve been able to carve out a niche for ourselves and people have come to accept the fact that beauty doesn’t have to mean pain.
Join the train ‘Glam with Comfort’ at Rosie the glam factory and say goodbye to enduring pain to look and feel glamorous.

A newly opened business center can boost ultra-modern facilities that customers find livable.

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