What to Wear to the Polls

It’s time for citizens to leave the comfort of their homes and exercise their franchises. As a bona fide Nigerian citizen, there is no reason not to participate in this defining moment for our beloved homeland. But before you head out to vote, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right Election Day attire.

“What do you mean, Victoria?” I hear you ask “Can’t you vote no matter what you wear at the polling station?” I can do it. But, as you know, elections are very important moments. in Nigerian language “Everyone’s blood gets hot” And if you’re not careful, your outfit can become a problem, especially now that soldiers have been deployed in different parts of the country.

So what do you wear to look good, feel comfortable, and stay out of trouble while exercising your right to vote? The answer is in this piece you are reading.

How to dress your favorite candidate to win

Woman wearing black slit midi skirt, green top and green bag

apolitical shirt

I know you love your party and its candidates, but for your safety, please don’t wear partisan merch on Election Day.

If you wear shirts, t-shirts, or polo shirts, choose solid colors. Also, if you choose a graphic t-shirt, the words written on it must be free of political or tribal slurs. Be completely nonpartisan with your attire and let your preferences be between your thumb and the ballot.

plain cap

Woman in bodycon dress with black baseball cap

Similarly, don’t wear hats, caps, wristbands, or accessories that match a particular political party. Save your PDP, APC, LP, APGA caps and t-shirts for another day.

Do not wear near polling places. Because there are thugs around who have zero tolerance for other parties. Wear a regular hat instead. It’s necessary to protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun as you wait patiently in line.

comfortable clothes

Woman in floral dress and flat slippers

I don’t go to parties or fashion shows. So save your best-dressed looks for another day. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look stylish to vote for.

Of course you can. But in this case comfort comes first. This is Nigeria. It can be anything from hearing random gunshots to hearing a bottle crashing or breaking on someone’s head.

So wear comfortable clothes like jeans, shorts, t-shirts and free dresses. These support ease of movement. Additionally, these clothes are highly breathable, so you won’t feel too hot when it’s crowded.

deodorant and perfume

Perfume and deodorant as election clothes

Dear friends, you will be sweating when you go to vote. This is because the place is crowded and you smell sweat and… body odor!

You’re an avid reader of Svelte Magazine, so everyone else is allowed to stink, not you. So don’t be one of those people who go to the polls with a bad body odor.

Take a bath, use deodorant, and apply perfume correctly to make it last longer. We already have enough problems at home. The welcoming scent you exude is a reason to make your neighbors smile.

comfortable shoes

I know you like heels and tight sneakers. But now is not the time to make a fashion statement. Now is the time to vote and monitor your voting units and make sure people around you don’t play the hanky panky game.

If you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, how can you stand for hours to finally vote and then wait hours more to make sure your vote is taken?

With that in mind, wear only flat shoes such as pool sliders, flip flops, palm slippers, or sandals. If you wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes, they should not be too tight. Forget your heels. don’t wear it. They’re not the right Election Day outfits.

Do not wear camouflage as your Election Day outfit

Rihanna in a camouflage dress

Do you love the military and want to be like them? However, please use the author’s name. Do not wear camouflage on voting units.

In addition to the presence of troops during elections, the illegal wearing of military uniforms is unconstitutional. Section 110(1) of the Penal Code to confirm).

So wear your usual clothes.Save your camo tee and shorts for another occasion

show off your nigerian colors

A man wearing a t-shirt in the colors of the Nigerian flag as his election day outfit

If you want to wear something partisan as your Election Day outfit, let it be the national colors instead.

For example, you could wear a Nigerian soccer jersey, or simply wear a green T-shirt and white shorts, or vice versa. Instead of indirectly implying division with your dress, represent Nigeria instead.

Sunglasses as Election Day Attire

A woman with sunglasses and a Balenciaga t-shirt as her Election Day outfit

Besides protecting your eyes from the sun, wearing sunglasses can transform your look even if you’re only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Plus, it gives you that grim look and will stop any bitches that might want to approach you in trouble.


A man wearing a sling bag and a green sweater as his election day outfit

You never know what the weather will be like. If it looks cloudy before you leave the house, put on a sweater, hoodie, cardigan, or outerwear that keeps you warm.

Sling/Crossbody Bag/Fanny Pack

Sling bag as an Election Day outfit

Your Election Day outfit isn’t complete without a bag for your items. Choose a sling, crossbody, or waist bag that you can hang in front of you and cling to enough so that no one can snatch your phone or other items.

Other Election Day Starter Packs

A man wearing shorts, a t-shirt, sunglasses and a beanie for election day

Apart from the correct attire, you will need several items on Election Day. please:

your PVC

Photos with the INEC logo

Yes, please. This is the most important of them all. Without PVC, you wouldn’t even be in line to vote in the first place. So before you dress up, put the PVC in your purse or bag. It’s your ticket to the new Nigeria, so hold it like gold.

water bottle

photo of pink water bottle

Trust me, you will become dehydrated. You’ll likely be standing in the sun for hours waiting for your turn to be voted on, so it’s best to come prepared.

Bring a water bottle full of water and be prepared to purchase more sachets or bottles of water from vendors when you run out of it.

power bank

Photo of power bank and phone charging

At the time of writing this article someone said that this is the only working bank in Nigeria.

All kidding aside, you need to power your phone. In this election, all citizens are unofficial her INEC employees. If you become aware of any fraudulent activity, you can take a photo or video with your mobile phone to bring it to the attention of the authorities.

But what happens when the battery is low and the power bank is not available? You know the answer.


Pictures of Umbrellas as Election Day Outfit

If you don’t have a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat, a parasol can help protect your face from burning in the heat. Moreover, we do not know whether it will rain on that day.


small chop pictures

You can’t stand for hours without feeling hungry. If possible, have enough biscuits, sausage rolls, and anything else to keep your mouth busy while you wait your turn. If you don’t have one at home, buy it along the way, or bring enough money with you so you can buy it from vendors around you.

Note that some people may try to use hunger as a weapon to steal votes. Let them know you are voting in good faith.

Expensive Valuables Are Not Election Day Attire

man wearing white t-shirt, black sweatpants and white sneakers

Now that you know what to wear and what not to wear on Election Day, you’re probably itching to go to the polls, right?

But wait a minute. Many citizens, if you must know, never vote at a polling place alone.

Leave expensive valuables at home to avoid falling prey to thieves. If possible, don’t bring expensive watches, AirPods, or wedding rings to polling stations. leave them at home. You’re so absorbed in your surroundings that you don’t notice when someone comes near you and takes you.

The same applies to gadgets. Leave your laptop at home and take your cell phone with you. Still, if you don’t want to give your phone to a thief, make sure you hold it as if your life depends on it.

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