My Focus Now Is On Growing Ghana’s Music Industry‘ – Sarkodie

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodi has set his sights on a tough challenge by declaring his intention to grow the music industry in Ghana.

Widely known for his passionate love of music, Sarkodi continues to do his best to help Ghanaian music rule the world.

The rapper, who has been touted as the ‘landlord’ of Ghana’s music space, said in a recent interview on Y 107.9 FM’s ‘Dryve of Your Lyfe’ that his next ‘best’ is to give back to the music industry. clarified.

Sarkodi believes the music industry needs global dominance, not just being a ‘local champion’.

“I think my biggest focus right now is on the industry, not my music. Yes, music has to go all over the world. Not only do you want to be known for your location, but you also want to dominate in some areas.

His music is popular all over the world, but Saakody is trying to expand the industry to the point where Ghanaian music dominates the world. He sees this as the next “best” and is working hard to make it happen.

“I personally think I would and I have said this many times because I have worked a lot on it. That is the space I am in. Not only Sarkodi I want to do something to help the industry itself grow, and that will be my next best thing that I actually did something to really give back to the industry in general,” he said. explained.

The Ghanaian rapper has been trending recently after his stunning feature in a remake of the legendary Bob Marley song “Stir It Up” with The Wailers. The song stifled Ghanaians and reached #1 on YouTube despite negative and mixed reactions.

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