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Egusi’s cream pasta is a recipe I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Going back a bit, I have always said that my recipes should be inspired by the ingredients that are available. That said, I have a lot of mom friends who are always looking for alternatives to dairy, especially milk.

Many children develop allergies to dairy, gluten, and many other things that didn’t seem to exist much in my childhood. It was an opportunity to think about the possibilities of Exi Cream. We’ve seen oat milk, almond milk, and soy milk quickly become staples in many households, but the prices of these alternative milks are very high, especially in Lagos. It got harder.

For this particular recipe, I was a little chicken and wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, so I went the route I did. I believe there is a certain level of brainwashing that is engaged.

After discussing the many consequences and the many ways this could go, I considered mixing the egusi with water and sifting it, but I thought it might be too thick, so what if I didn’t like it? Okay? Finally I boiled Egusi in a lot of water and sifted the milk. To create a creamy consistency, I thickened it with cornstarch to give it the consistency I was looking for. , tell me what happens. Try this Egushi Cream Pasta recipe and let us know if you like it.

Egusi cream pasta recipe how to make

Penne pasta 90g
52g shrimp (diced)
Egusi powder 50g
10g dried fish
2 habanero peppers (yellow and red)
25g onion
10g garlic
2 sprigs of basil
5g seasoning
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tsp/white pepper
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/4 cup white wine
10g butter
10ml olive oil
200ml water (for Egusi)
1 L of water (to boil the pasta)
2g cornstarch

Boil the pasta halfway with the dried fish. Remove the dried fish and leave the pasta water in the recipe.
Heat the butter and olive oil in a frying pan, sauté the onions and garlic, add the shrimp, season with seasonings, black pepper, Italian seasoning, white pepper, and white wine to taste.

Add the pasta water and bring to a boil. Add pasta and continue cooking. Toast the egusi powder, boil in 200ml of water for about 5 minutes and sieve. Add the sifted liquid to the pasta.
Add the habanero peppers and basil and stir in the melted cornstarch. Stir and keep hot.

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