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Besides clothes and accessories, another thing that says a lot about you is your hair. That’s why many women pay attention to the men in the room who wear head-turning hairstyles like her style on men’s short dreads.

Although this hairstyle has been around for a long time, it always grabs attention whenever you wear it. Dreadlocks also show how fun and risk-taking you are. The hairstyle represents a free spirit. And if you want to do just that, you can find the inspiration you need in this post.

What’s so special about short dreadlocks styles for men?

Guys rocking short dreadlocks styles for men

These are short, rope-like strands of hair formed by braiding, locking, or matting the hair. Initially, this hairstyle was associated with Rastafarians. Today, they have evolved into the go-to hairstyle for men who like to grow their hair out and lock it up.

man with short brown dreadlocks

Moreover, short locks are not long. And that means it’s less of an inconvenience for you. For example, you can choose to lock colored dreads or braid the locks into cornrows.

man rocking short dreadlocks with fades

But you should always remember that dreads are permanent hairstyles.The only way to uninstall them is to cut your hair. But if what you have installed is the dreadlocks extension, no problem.

Additionally, you should visit your hair stylist regularly to wash and maintain your dreads to avoid inviting dandruff and lice in your hair.

How can I achieve a short dreadlock style for men?

man wearing full dreadlocks

There are many different ways to lock your hair. Just visit your hair stylist and you will know what to do. However, if you choose to do it yourself, our guide on how to achieve dreadlocks details the various processes.

How to maintain a short dreadlock style for men

Swae Lee wearing slightly longer locks

Maintenance is also required after installing this hairstyle. Otherwise it will look unkempt. So how do you maintain your dreadlocks?

Wearing men's short dreadlocks stuffed with Lil Baby.

Start by shampooing often. This allows you to get rid of the buildup on your scalp. Also, avoid styling your locks while they are still wet. moreover, moisturize the pores Re-twist each time it comes loose.

Man stuffed with short dreadlocks style for men

Maintaining short dread styles for men requires a lot more, and we covered that in our guide. Please read carefully before wearing this hairstyle.

Types of short dreadlocks for men

Man wearing men's short dread style with fade pack on band

dreads with fade

Sideways man showing short dread style for men

If you like fading on short hair, you will love this one. This style transitions the length and color around the back and sides of the hair before turning the rest of the hair into cute locks.

Sideways man showing men's short dreads style with fade

If you want the statement of dreads and the uniqueness that fade hairstyles bring, go for it.

colored dreads

man wearing sweater and colored shirt

Bored with your natural hair color? Before or after installing a dreadlocks hairstyle, how about dyeing your hair instead?

Man rocking colored dread styles for men with fades

Try it. Just pick a color you feel comfortable in and you’re good to go.

full dread

As the name suggests, this style does not shave the sides of the hair. You manipulate full hair into dreads and rock it that way.

Bare-chested man wearing full dreadlocks and holding a phone

Full hair dreads are a traditional dreadlock hairstyle for men.

ombre dread

Man sitting in car showing ombre short dreadlock style for men

This short dread style for men blends one hue into another, usually moving shades and shades from light to dark.

Man wearing ombre dreads and drinking from a cup

For example, you can make your hair blonde in the middle, or choose a shade of your choice and have the rest black.

braided dreads

Man wearing braided short dread style for men

After attaching the lock, it can be easily braided into cornrows and laid flat on the head.

Man wearing men's braided short dread style with sunglasses

That’s what this style is all about.

mohawk short dread style for men

Man Rocking Mohawk Short Dreads Styles for Men

In this variant of men’s dreads, both sides of the head are shaved, leaving long strips of hair that carry the head.

Man rocking colored mohawk short dreadlocks styles for men

For a Mohawk, only the sides of the hair are shaved, not the back.

Other dreadlock styles

Need more short dreadlock styles for men to inspire your next look? Feast your eyes on these:

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