Yaba Buluku Boyz officially commission the ‘Wa Kula (Zacaria)’ dance in captivating new video

Pride of Mozambique: DJ Tarrico, Plek and Nelson Tivan, known as the Yaba Burk Boys, perform the recent super dance anthem “Wa Kula (Zakaria)” featuring Zimbabwean music heavyweight Jah Preyza. Bringing Maputo to life with a captivating new visual. You can stream “Wa Kula (Zakaria)” by the Yaba Bulg Boys featuring Yar Preyza here: https://mad.ffm.to/wakula

Pan-African indie label Geobek Records has unveiled the first official music video for Yaba Buluku Boyz’s upcoming studio project, due later this year. And as you can imagine, it’s amazing! It offers a perfect snapshot of the African street dance experience.

Dance has long been the gold standard for musical expression of African culture, and Geobek Records maintains this standard remarkably well. Under the supervision of ID Directions, we have put together a stylish visual for the newly produced “Wa Kula (Zakaria)”. Thankfully, beyond that top quality and feel, more can be unleashed with captivating choreography by tmGREATNESS, one of the best dance academies in Africa.

This brings even more excitement to DJ Tarico’s vibrant Amapiano production, creating a thrilling four-minute celebration of African music and dance. The experience is utterly enchanting, throwing the ever-chilling DJ Tarrico, his exuberant compatriot, his absent Jah Prayzah vocals into a supercharged backdrop of dancers and chants in the heart of Maputo Generate rows of colorful shots.

Yaba Buluku Boyz and DJ Tarico are off to a good start to the year with their continued contributions to African music culture. The duo once again underscored the appeal of the entire continent with first-time Soundcity MVP Award nominations for ‘Best Group’ and ‘African DJ of the Year’ respectively.

Watch “Wa Kula (Zakaria)” here:

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