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Have you ever had to prepare for an occasion and when you looked at your wardrobe, did you ever come to the conclusion that you don’t know what to wear? If so, you are not alone. Many people (especially women) feel that way. And do you know what’s funny? They always have something to wear. They’re either confused, lazy, or don’t know what to put together.

And this mostly happens because you already have a lot of stuff in your wardrobe. inside out style The average person has about 127 items in their wardrobe, excluding footwear and accessories. Why is it not difficult to find what to wear?

When you find yourself in this rut, don’t feel bad or cancel your outing. Instead, use the tips you found reading this post.

Why People Don’t Know What To Wear

Woman in ruffled dress checking her wardrobe

Panic hits me as I browse through the closet. what will you wear for that occasion? Why did my old clothes suddenly go bad? why did you buy the clothes? Why didn’t you choose what to wear a week ago?

Relax and don’t overload yourself. As I said earlier, I feel the same way. And this happens because:

a lot of clothes are confusing you

It’s normal to get confused when there are so many options. Should he wear jeans with a pink blazer or bell bottoms, should he ditch his jeans and wear high-rise shorts?

Trust me, if you have a lot of clothes, the questions will be more than what I’ve listed. You’ll know what to do in no time.

You’re Lazy to Comb Through

This also happens especially if you have a lot of clothes. You may be lazy or lethargic to start looking for what to wear. If this is why you don’t know what to wear, it’s totally normal.

I don’t know how to style what

Having clothes is one thing. Combining them correctly is another. This in itself is another problem most people have.

For example, you may be wondering what you need to combine to make a particular shirt look perfect. The answer is in your wardrobe.

you have nothing to wear

Sometimes we don’t really have what to wear for a particular occasion. Think old school or traditional events, for example.

It’s not out of place if your wardrobe is full of contemporary items and you don’t know what to wear. In this case, you may need to go shopping or sew a new piece for the occasion.

Now that you know why you always don’t know what to wear, what can you do to fix this problem?

come with me.

What to do when you don’t know what to wear

A man's wardrobe containing clothes, bags and shirts for when you don't know what to wear

Even the most stylish fashionistas can find it difficult to put together an outfit for an event. But you know what happens to them most of the time?

These tips:

Wardrobe detox

Chances are you haven’t worn up to 80% of the clothes in your wardrobe. And it happens for so many reasons. It could be because you don’t like the outfit, it’s too big, or it’s hard to put on because it’s in the last section.

That’s why you need to organize your wardrobe. Remove all unnecessary or worn-out items from your closet to avoid overcrowding your wardrobe. To do this successfully, you also need to know when to change clothes and accessories.

Need help on how to do this? Our guide on how to detox your wardrobe will help you.

build a capsule wardrobe

Once you’ve organized your wardrobe, it’s time to create your capsule wardrobe. In other words, it’s a collection of basic wardrobe staples that you can mix and match at any time to create many outfits.

Additionally, capsule wardrobes can be refilled at any time within three months of frequent wear.

With a capsule wardrobe, you won’t have to keep changing clothes or wondering what to wear. If you like the sound of it, check out our guide on how to create your own capsule wardrobe.

repeat your style

In times like these, you need to remember who you are in fashion, which means your personal style.

How do you like to appear? minimalist? Avantgarde? Eccentric? Classy? Edgy? Redefine your style and repeat to yourself. It helps you ditch looks that don’t fit and settle for what works.

Know your dress up opportunities

Most events always have a dress code, which makes dressing up easier.

Let’s say you’re attending a friend’s wedding and the dress code is all-white. If you don’t have white in your wardrobe, you’ll have to buy one for yourself. The same goes for formal, formal and casual wear.

So check with your host if they have a dress code. If so, aim to coordinate your wardrobe choices according to the agreed code.

hire a fashion stylist

When you don’t want to stress about what to wear, hire a wardrobe consultant. They take the brunt of your wardrobe chatter. It means everything about how you look.

But they have a price, and this varies from stylist to stylist.

Consider your body type and skin color

When you’re not sure what to wear, take a look at your body type and work with colors that match your skin tone. It helps streamline your choices.

For warm colors, for example, colors such as red, coral, peach, brown, orange, amber, gold, and yellow look good. And if you have an hourglass body, a bodycon dress will flatter your figure.

By knowing your skin tone and body type, you can figure out what clothes don’t suit you and dress accordingly to work.

plan your outfit in advance

Don’t put off looking for what to wear until the day of the event. Plan ahead. For big events, plan two weeks in advance.

This will tell you whether you should work with what you have, hire a stylist, or meet your favorite fashion designer to create a piece for you. It’s a necessary life skill, and it’s also useful for fashion.

repeat a particular outfit

Layering isn’t bad either. Forget what her favorite Instagram influencers made you believe. You can always repeat the clothes that attracted the most attention when you wore them.

A hack when repeating an outfit is to make sure you’re repeating that particular outfit to a different crowd in a different setting. please.

change clothes style

Changing your clothing style simply means wearing the same clothes in a different way. Let’s say you’ve worn a suit with oxfords before. Change up the look of your suit by rocking your pants with a turtleneck top and sneakers.

Do this if you don’t want to reveal that you’ve actually repeated the outfit.

consider the weather

Sometimes when you don’t know what to wear, work with the weather. If it’s cold, wear anything and layer a jacket, sweater, blazer, coat, or suitable outerwear.

Considering the weather is an easy way to get out of your style rut.

Stay out of style ruts

A woman standing in front of a wardrobe with clothes, bags and shirts in case she doesn't know what to wear

A style rut is that frustrating moment when things go wrong and you don’t know what to wear. We are all living these days. It happens to us too.

And while some have mastered the art of overcoming low-style days, others remain stuck in that hole without making any moves to free themselves.

don’t be like that. If you haven’t decided what to wear for the occasion, refer back to this guide you just read.In addition, for yourself swipe file of cute costume inspiration. It comes in handy when you run out of time and don’t know what to wear.

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