House of Aama Draws on the Fusion of West Indian and African Cultures

The mother-daughter team pays tribute by including stories about Anantic spiders and their cultural impact in the artwork.
Mother-daughter team Rebecca Henry and Aqua Shabaka have unveiled their Fall/Winter 2023 collection, inspired by their fusion of West Indian and African cultures.
This atmosphere was created to honor the family. It also pays homage to old folktales about spiders who traveled great distances and endured hardships and sometimes their own stupidity. An altar was placed in front, adjacent to the curtain opening through which the model appeared.
It was a dedication to Aqua’s father and Rebecca’s family, and a picture of them was placed on the table along with fruit, coffee, and decorations made of bright cloth.

A whimsical Afro-Caribbean mix played in the background as the show began. First impression: A model in a maxi dress with netting accents.
Several masculine ensembles stood out, including luscious ruffled green dresses and long denim shorts and matching tops. There was a dizzying spider web.
The spider design was also seen on a mesh dress in a red and black color scheme. In my opinion, menswear pieces may steal the show this season and perhaps even supplant House Of Aama’s flagship La Siréne.

A perfect mix of sophisticated and playful items. Some models don his cropped tops, short skirts with curved button detail, and mesh his dresses, while others wear his trench coats, satin suits, and “tea-drinking” vibes. was wearing a dress.
Ultimately, the show’s amalgamation of many aesthetics ensures its financial success.

Content provided: essence & NFH

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