The Birthday Journal Set To Launch In Accra February 18

Like Christmas and Easter, we only have one birthday a year. Most of us can’t wait for them when we’re young, but as we get a little older we may start to quietly fear them.

However, we hope that your birthday is cause for celebration, whatever the circumstances.

The Birthday Journal, set to launch at a wine and music soiree on February 18, is a unique publication dedicated to helping individuals celebrate milestone birthdays and anniversaries in a truly special way. A creative magazine.

Celebrity life stories are creatively captured and shared through a stress-free interview process and contributions from close friends and family. The final product is a beautifully designed, personalized magazine full of memories, milestones and inspiring moments. Besides being a great keepsake, it can also be used as a marketing tool and inspiration for others.

Additionally, each year the best and most inspiring milestone stories are selected for publication in global lifestyle and personal development magazines.

Mansa Agyare, CEO of The Birthday Journal, said ahead of the launch event: The magazine is dedicated to inspiring celebrities and providing a platform where they can tell their stories to the world.We believe every milestone is special and deserves to be celebrated. “

The launch, which will be held in Accra, will be attended by key industry stakeholders including media, banks, event planners and business owners.

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