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10 Years of The Vegan Nigerian

Ten years ago today, at age 20, I was lying on my couch at home, opening my pink mini Dell laptop and pasting the search results for “how to start a blog” across the Spicy bean burger recipe how to make Later, vegan Nigerians were officially introduced.

Since then… I mean, how can I start listing all the ways this niche blog has radically changed my life? From career opportunities that made you do, lessons in consistency and passion, to pursuing what you want in life (no matter how strange and bizarre it may seem). to do. To continuous learning and non-learning. Falling more and more in love with the beautiful vegan lifestyle that has far-reaching positive impacts on how we interact with the world around us (animals, planet, people). can be traced back to

Over the years work and life have taken me in all directions, but it always feels good to return to blogging as a home base. Where many of my dearest memories began reminds me of

In terms of what to do next, here are some things I’m currently working on and what I hope to work on in the near future.

1. Online cooking workshop. To be more laser-focused, we will expand and be more intentional in hosting online cooking workshops that teach participants delicious vegan recipes and cooking techniques. Teams and groups seeking unique bonding and learning experiences It is intended for Think office team building events, bachelorette parties, fundraisers, Black History Month activities, and more. To make this particular service more streamlined, my husband (who is very tech savvy) helped create a sister website – cook with tomi – Still under construction, but most of the key details are already there. We hope to fill every month if possible, so if you are reading this and are part of a team or group that is interested, please contact us.

2. Another cookbook. I’m in the early stages of ideation (i.e. still in my head) for another recipe book focused on creative, one-of-a-kind desserts inspired by West African ingredients. Aside from being a delicious project to indulge in, we truly believe there is room for innovation when it comes to the sweet side of our cuisine. Now that we’ve made this public, we’re taking accountability and hopefully it won’t be too long before we have a new update to share.

2023 will be a very eventful year in many ways. I hope you are off to a great start and have many exciting things to look forward to. Thank you for supporting my work over the years. If you’d like to exchange ideas, share updates, or share how I can support your work, feel free to open the door.

Tomi x

Age 20; early vegan life in France

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