Why Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated In Kenya And Around The World?

February 14th of each year is a day to celebrate romantic love, friendship and gratitude. To commemorate this day, people send messages of love and affection to their partners, family and friends on February 14th.
People are no longer just sending love notes, they are now sending personalized cards to express their feelings.
These exquisite cards were handcrafted by the sender and individually customized to express their love for the recipient.
A heartfelt poem, usually included with the card, praises the recipient’s charm and how much they were loved.
St. Valentine’s Day cards were decorated with illustrations of Cupids, hearts and flowers and finished with lace and ribbons. .

Beginning of Valentine’s Day
Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century, is the inspiration behind Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine is the subject of many legends that have evolved over time into what we know as fact today.
Many Romans had converted to Christianity during Valentine’s lifetime, but the pagan emperor Claudius II imposed strict regulations on what Christians could and could not do. Claudius forbade Roman soldiers to marry because he thought they should be completely loyal to Rome.
This marked the beginning of St. Valentine’s reputation as someone who cherished love by marrying these soldiers in a secret Christian ceremony.

Valentine was eventually arrested and imprisoned for his crimes against Claudius.
During her imprisonment, Valentine cared for a fellow inmate and the jailer’s blind daughter.
According to legend, Valentine healed the girl’s blindness, and her last act before being executed was to send her a love letter that read, “From your Valentine.” Valentine he was executed on February 14, 270.

What triggered Valentine’s Day?
St. Valentine’s Day wasn’t declared on February 14th until over 200 years later.
Rome had already converted to Christianity by this point, and the Catholic Church was adamant about eradicating any remaining pagan practices.
Every year, pagan fertility ceremonies were held in February. The Pope banned the celebration, declared February 14th to be Saint Valentine’s Day, and added the holiday to the Catholic calendar.
The first person to associate Saint Valentine with passionate love was the medieval poet Chaucer.
This was the beginning of the court love custom, a secret ritual to express love and gratitude.

The legend of the High Court of Love, where a female judge decides on love matters every February 14th, developed as the custom spread across Europe.
According to historians, these events were actually gatherings where individuals read love poems and played flirtatious games.

valentines day sign
As an extension of the practice of sending love messages, people have started sending personalized cards.
The cards usually contain poetic verses praising the recipient’s beauty and how much they are loved.
Valentine’s Day cards included illustrations of Cupid, hearts, and flowers, and were decorated with lace and ribbons.
These love symbols are still used today and are well known around the world.

modern valentines day
Most countries commemorate Valentine’s Day, but some cultures have created their own customs to commemorate the day. In certain cultures, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day to celebrate love between friends and family, rather than between romantic partners. There are customs to pass on.
With millions of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged each year, Valentine’s Day is most often associated with romantic love. Couples spend a special time together and their loved ones receive gifts of flowers or lonely red roses along with romantic words.

Picnics, special home-cooked meals, or dinners are popular ways for couples to commemorate Valentine’s Day.
The meal is often accompanied by romantic symbols such as hearts and flowers, and many restaurants offer special Valentine’s Day dinners. Staying at a luxurious hotel in a picturesque setting is another popular Valentine’s Day activity that allows couples to unplug and spend quality time together.
Valentine’s Day is often chosen as the ideal day to declare love and commitment, as marriage proposals are also very common on this day.
Sometimes the proposal is done in very creative ways, such as after reaching the top of a mountain or displaying a message on a billboard. Anyway, Valentine’s Day proposals are often sweet and special.

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