Don Little Narrates How He Rose To Fame, Reveals He Never Thought His Stature Will Bring Him This Far

Don Little, a petite actor from Ghana, talks about how he first believed his height was a hindrance to his success in the film industry.

The majority of Don Little’s appearances have been in Kumawood films, and thanks to his excellent acting skills, he has managed to attract the attention of Ghanaians.

His friends convinced him to pursue acting, but his small stature made him reluctant to move.

Don Little said in an interview with actress Emelia Broby, famous for Okukusek show, that despite having the support of those he loves, he is always worried that others will make fun of him. Told.

“One of my friends, the Major, introduced me to acting.” I didn’t realize it was there. Despite my fears, I saw the movie. It wasn’t terrible, but I was too timid to do my best. He argued that it was not simple.

He went on to say that in the past it has been difficult to land solid roles in films.

Saying that there was no more hope, he gave up and enrolled in a computer program. Later, he also sold calling cards for a living.

“I met a YouTube-obsessed director in Kumasi, and we made a few films together, but YouTube wasn’t as famous back then as it is now, so that didn’t help either. He enrolled in a computer program: “After finishing a computer application I was working on, I sold air time for a while,” he continued.

During the conversation, he also talked about how he came to fame. He said a priest connected him to comedian Funny Face and that’s how it all started.

“I went with some members of my church to Mount Atware to seek the face of God. After prayer I met him and explained my situation.

Despite his difficult initial interaction with Funny Face, Little claimed the comic reached out to him once more. They made a video and that was it.

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