Nana Aba Anamoah Cannot Scare Me With Her Kindergarten English – Blakk Rasta

Black Rasta criticized Nana Abba Anamore for calling him “cheap and basic” in some of the adjectives he used to describe him.

Black Rasta and Nana Abba Anamore have been battling online for nearly a week about a Sarkodi and Bob Marley collaboration.

On Twitter, the two characters do not give each other a moment of peace as they slap each other whenever they have the slightest chance.

Following a duet between Sarkodi and Bob Marley, Black Rasta said certain things that upset Ghanaians, and Nana Abba joined her to tear the presenters apart.

According to the FM host of the tweet, the rapper’s verses in the song are “blasphemy” of the reggae genre.

Sarkodi’s ardent supporter Nana Abba Anamore intervened, denouncing the Black Rasta’s constant criticism of Sarkodi.

Nana Abba Anamore sternly told Black Rasta to stay in his lane because he was incompetent compared to the others who gave Sarkodi a chance.

When Nana Abba responded, Black Rasta hit back at the TV host, getting his young daughter Adi into the argument.

Rasta teased Nana Ava for having a child with a man wearing a kilt.

In an interview with Zionfelix, Black Rasta is adamant that he is not intimidated by Nana Abba Anamore’s extensive social media vocabulary and history of attacking him on Twitter.

Art and art are designed to be criticized, so Ana Abba critiques his work.

Black Rasta claims that Nana Abba Anamore became overly passionate because she sees Sarkodi as immortal.

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