High-Waisted Pants for Men—How to Rock with Style

Have you ever seen a man without abs look more attractive than a healthy man? If so, it was his clothing choices that made it happen. For example, clothing like high-waisted pants for men is wearable his art that enhances and transforms your look, whether you’re heading to the gym or not.

These garments have been around for a long time, but it takes some guts to pull them off. It’s been stereotyped as being for geeks. Some people think it’s a feminine piece.

Man wearing white high-rise pants and layering with crib

But it’s not. These pants aren’t for grandpas or geeks. A stylish piece that looks great with the top on the right. As Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer GQI got it:

“High-waisted pants are especially graceful and hip when paired with baggy silhouettes (think Miles Davis wearing tropical wool pleated dress pants and a relaxed polo sweater). It’s also a perfect pairing with cropped jackets like the Chauffeur and Bomber, since high-waisted chinos have long been a standard issue for the military (a.k.a. menswear’s perennial hitmakers). It makes sense, given the

But high-waisted pants aren’t just for wide silhouettes. ”

Gerald Ortiz

They’re versatile wardrobe staples for men, and while they may seem intimidating at first, when you know how to pull them off, you’ll turn heads and gain respect.

Two men wearing high-waisted men's ash pants with a sweater

If that’s what you want, come join me and let me show you how to step up your pants game.

What are high waist pants for men

Man in black high-rise pants, black T-shirt, and neck scarf

These are pants that have a waistband at the natural waistline (near or above the navel). For high-rise pants, the distance from the center of the crotch seam (between the legs) to the top of the pants or waistband is usually greater than 10 inches.

A man wearing dark brown high-waisted men's pants with a scarf around his neck

High-waisted pants for men come as chinos, jeans, slacks, or tailored pants. They are great for stretching your figure and creating a balanced look.

A man wearing men's high-rise pants and a scarf around his neck

They have been on the fashion scene for a long time, from the 1920’s through the 50’s and into the early 1960’s. It may not be as popular as it was in the 20th century, but it’s still an important part of fashion today.

Should men wear high-waisted pants for men?

Man rocking high-waisted brown men's pants with brown turtleneck top and long brown coat

Yes, men who aren’t afraid to pull off any fashion they see fit should wear high-rise pants.

A man wearing a brown turtleneck top with brown high-waisted pants

Additionally, if you’re over six feet tall and prefer to wear your pants around your hips instead of your hips, high-waisted pants for men are a good option. Suitable for any occasion, especially formal events.

How to style men’s high-rise pants

A man wearing men's high-waisted pants and an ash-colored long-sleeved T-shirt

select top right

A man wearing a striped shirt and brown high-rise pants

If you don’t want your chest to be bare, you should match your pants with your top. This can be a collared shirt, turtleneck, polo, or t-shirt.

Let’s look at each.

collared shirt

Asian man wearing high-rise pants and white shirt

This is a great option for formal looks. Pair high-waisted pants with long or short-sleeved collared shirts for work, church, or any business activity.

You can also enjoy a retro look by pairing the pants with a vintage shirt. The multicolored print on these shirts helps to accent your look.


Man in 3/4 length high-rise pants with turtleneck top

A turtleneck top is a must-have item. Suitable for any occasion, including formal, casual, and business casual. Pairing a plain turtleneck top with high-waisted men’s pants doesn’t look out of place.

T-shirts and polo shirts

Man wearing high-waisted men's pants and striped t-shirt

Smart casual no matter what you wear. Switch up the formality of high-rise jeans and trousers for a relaxed vibe.

Choose from solid, plain, graphic, short or long sleeve polos and t-shirts.

layer as needed

A man wearing a shirt over high-rise pants and carrying a tote bag

You can also layer it with a cropped jacket, shirt, bomber jacket, or whatever outerwear you think fits.

Man layering shirt over high-rise pants

Useful for adding texture to the look.

sometimes it comes as a suit

Man in vintage shirt and high-waisted pantsuit

Yes, some tailored suits come with high-rise pants, waistcoats, and jackets.

A man wearing a high-rise pantsuit, a jacket, and a black shirt

If this is your thing, wear an ensemble for a more formal look. But if you want a more relaxed look, drop the vest and collared shirt and wear a t-shirt or turtleneck instead. Then layer the suit jacket.

choosing the right shoes

man in high waisted pants in carton brown

High waist pants for men look great with any type of shoe. If you want to dress up, wear oxfords, loafers, derbies, brogues, chukka boots, and other formal shoes for men.

Man wearing light brown men's high-rise pants

But if you want to look down, wear sneakers, bots, palm slippers, etc.

wear a belt or suspenders

Man wearing high-waisted men's pants with suspenders

A belt or suspenders keep the pants in place. High-rise pants fit your natural waist without falling, sagging or falling out.

Man wearing men's white high-waisted pants and blue striped shirt and belt

So wear any of them according to your taste.


Man wearing green high-waisted men's pants and white short-sleeved shirt

No high-waisted pants look is complete without accessories. Just wear a scarf around your neck, wear sunglasses, wear jewelry, and carry a nice bag.

Man in high-rise pants, short-sleeved white shirt and carrying cross bag

Spice up your outfit with these add-ons. They are game changers.

Man wearing men's high-waisted pants over pajamas

There it is! Go ahead and start wearing high-rise pants in your wardrobe.

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