Portable WINS! TG Omori To Shoot Music Video For The Singer

The video director finally gave in to the controversial street hop singer’s demands.

Nigerian ace video director TG Omori has bowed to the demands of street hop act Portable.

After Portable lashed out on the internet about $50,000 being charged by a director to shoot a new video, the drama that first happened continues to surface through the constant rant videos shared by the controversial singer. I’m here.

Portable, which is known to be nitpicky about the issue, continued to share videos ranting about the matter days after the $50,000 bill was raised.

In an update to the event, in what appears to be a bid from TG Omori to settle the matter once and for all, Ace’s cinematographer contacted Portable to shoot the video he requested.

However, it remains to be seen whether TG will shoot the video for free as it claimed to have done with “Zazoo” or charge a discounted rate. The rumor is that they may be working on an official video for the song “Apostle.”

The two have since moved on and did an Instagram LIVE together. See below.

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