The Ikon Awards: Film And Tv Awards Are Here To Educate, Connect, And Celebrate Filmmakers

Kampala, January 28, 2023: The first edition of the iKon Awards, where this year’s nominees were announced last night, will take place at the SAUTI Plus Media Hub with the theme “Dreaming With The Stars.”
Famous actor Sam Vajenda and media personality Laura Kahunde introduced the announcers.

The iKon Awards 2023 will take place on March 25, 2023 at the Kampala Serena Hotel. In the evening, there will be an awards ceremony and performances by a variety of entertainers.

“ICON AWARD” To foster a spirit of entrepreneurship, initiative and leadership among young people and to promote innovation, job creation and high-value enterprises in the film sector, television and film identify and reward outstanding achievements. We aim to industry across different sectors.

Create a platform for young people to showcase their storytelling skills in the film and television industry. Expanding cinema’s support for issues that affect young people. Influence policy actions. Provide networking opportunities for candidates and partners. It provides Ugandan creatives with the opportunity to produce globally appealing content that is appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Humphrey Nabimanya, founder of the iKON Awards, claims that the industry and his passion for Ugandan storytellers to get the recognition they deserve was what inspired him to start the awards programme.
According to Nabimanya, he also emphasized the importance of storytelling in showcasing our different cultures, societies and countries.

In Uganda, a significant number of local television programs and films have contributed to an increase in tourism and provided a solid platform to showcase our history as a people.
In addition to honoring film and television, the iKon Awards hopes to inspire more Ugandans and put art and story at the center.
There is so much talent in this country that can only be showcased, recognized and honored through programs like the iKon Awards,” he said.

Usama Mukwaya, a Ugandan film director, screenwriter and actor who curates this year’s iKon Awards, explained that the awards are driven by three main principles: excellence, transparency and joy.

Awards shows have long been limited to a select group of people, so we want to have inclusiveness and engagement across the board.

“With the iKon Awards, we want to showcase how the Ugandan film industry extends both uptown and downtown.

Please contribute to the industry. We would like to acknowledge your contribution in any way you choose. Kampala is getting a bit of Hollywood, he says, thanks to the iKon Awards.

Nominated categories for #ikonawards2023

1. Best Student Film Award
• Pius
• my degree
• Milk of Human Kindness

2. Short film
• Enyama
• 16 rounds
• Engatoyu
• Heartbeat

3. Best Animated Film Award
A thousand destinies
• cornered
• Tula
• Occur

4. Documentary film
• Pius
• small faith
• Evia Barogo

5. Visual effects
• girl in yellow jumper
• Kaffaco
• Tembere
• my husband’s wife

6. Icon Fellow of the Year
• Howar Joan Nakanjako
• Ukasha Sennyongjo
• Matilda Kabuma
• Doreen Milembe
• Eunice Akan
• Joseph Innocent Edigum
• Kate Nafna
• Emma Wucho.

7. Great sound
• Bedroom chain
• Kaffaco
• Tembere
• girl in yellow jumper

8. Best Editor
• Andrew Odella Kafa Coe
• Kyobe Sebois Bedroom Chain
• Rukman Ali Girl in Yellow Jumper
• Paul Chimera $ Bashan Mukwaya Tembele

9. Best Production Designer
• Tembere
• Bedroom chain
• Kaffaco
• Piece of Me

10. Best makeup and special effects
• Test
• Kaffaco
• Tembere
• bedroom chain

11. Best Costume Designer
• Costume Parlor Bedroom Chain
• Nadia Gisella, the girl in the yellow jumper
• Rachael Nakito $ Josephine Lule Test
• Whitney G. Najuko Kafa Koh

12. Best Actor in a TV Series
• Santomo’s Alan Kutos Katongole
Prince Joel Okuyo Attic In What If
• Q-Cumber Freder in Gamuse
•Simon Bass Karema in Prestige

13. Best Actress in a Television Series
• Sanyu’s Eleanor Nabwiso
• What If Joan Agaba
• Sally Elizabeth Bwaminpeke in Prestige
• Stella Nante of Honorables

14. Best TV Series
• Prestige
• person of honor
• Sanyu
• And if

15. Best Supporting Actor Award
• Tembere Cosmos Serbogo
• Daniel Papa Musicana in Foot Wine
• Kalu Egbui Ikeagwu at Kafa Coh
• Michael Wauyo Sr. in Girl in the Yellow Jumper

16. Best Supporting Actress Award
• Kafa Co’s Mariam Ndagire
• Sarafina Muhawenimana In Pieces Of Me
• Rehema Nanfuka at Kafa Coh
Tania Shakira Kankindi, Husband’s Wife

17. Best Cinematography Award
• Benson Kamau Mungai Bedroom Chain
• Izaek Ekka Tembele
• Mustak Abdallah Khafa Khor
• Naizi Nasser A girl in a yellow jumper.

18. Best Actor Award
• Husband’s wife John Mary Sekinpi
• Michael Wauyo Jr. of “The Girl In The Yellow Jumper”
• Kafa Coh’s Michael Wawuyo Sr.
• Patrick Nakakalkany of Tembere

19. Best Actress
• Nisha Kalema of Bedroom Chain
• Rona Nincima from Tembere
• Tracy Kababeat in Mukisa
• Husband’s wife Winnie Nahla

20. Best Screenplay Award
• Bedroom chain
• my husband’s wife
• Tembere
• And the Wave

21. Best Director Award
• Gilbert Lukaliya and Doreen Mirembe Kafa Coh
• Hassan Mageye Bedroom Chain
• Rukman Ali Girl in Yellow Jumper
• Morris Mugisha Tembele

22. Feature films
• Bedroom chain
• Kaffaco
• my husband’s wife
• Tembere

23. Icon Rising Star
• Cosmos Serbogo
• Tuyi Mariserena
• and Kadu Sadat

iKon Awards Visionary Humphrey Nabimanya thanks our sponsors for supporting and investing in the idea of ​​honoring our culture through film and television awards.
These awards are given to deserving actors and filmmakers.

To ensure that the award goals are met, SAUTIplus Media Hub has partnered with NGOs and companies such as Reach a Hand Uganda, ATS Events, UNESCO, Uganda Warafi, Rwanda Air and Kampala Serena Hotel.

For more information, please contact:
Name: Peace Charlotte Apio (iKon Award Project Leader)
Contact: +256776754450
Follow iKon Awards on social media (Instagram and Facebook): @ikonAwards
Twitter: @iKonAwards

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