30 Cute Male Hairstyles for Men who Love to Look Good

Every time I come across a picture of a man on social media, I can’t help but scream inside.”Good men are in this world.’ And that’s no joke. Beautiful men are everywhere. White or black, they fill the earth and multiply. Checking men’s hairstyles means you are one of them.

Only men who care about improving their appearance will take the time to read a piece devoted to it. I will introduce you to men’s hairstyles.

Men’s hairstyles that help you make a lasting impression

white man with black hair

Your hair reflects your masculinity, individual style, and personality. It gives people an impression of you and gives them a glimpse of who you are.For example, some men have been victims of wickedness Profiling by police officers— thanks to their hairstyles.

Black man with nose ring wearing scary men's hairstyle

You don’t want to mess this up, do you? Explore this list to find the perfect inspiration for the next trending men’s hairstyle.

fade haircut

Caucasian man with a beard and a fade haircut

Fade with short hair popular with men. A versatile haircut that can be worn with crew cuts, faux hawks, mohawks, low cuts, dreads, braids, sporty waves, curls and more.

Caucasian male with a beard and a fade male hairstyle

Additionally, fades can be high, tapered, low, classic, or scissor. Whichever you choose, women will be overwhelmed.

fake hawk

white man with fake hawk

The Fake Taka men’s hairstyle is a haircut that features short side and long hair that runs from the front to the back of the head.

black man with fake hawk men hairstyle

Mohawk with shaved sides. And it’s as stylish as a punk hairstyle.

men’s hairstyles

man in short dreads

How about locking your hair and forgetting about your hairstyle until you change your mind?

Black man rocking hairstyle of man with dreadlocks wearing glasses

If you like this option, you’ll love our guide on how to maintain your dreads.

box blade

Smiling A$AP Rocky Rocking Braid Men Hairstyle

Who said men don’t wear braids? That person has probably never met a man like Travis Scott. Shave the back to fade.

black man swinging braids

Besides? It doesn’t need to be full like women’s braids. Plus, you can’t rock a box braid as a man just because you have short hair. You can use hair extensions of any color to achieve your desired braid.


Man's hairstyle with braids

This style resembles a box braid.

black man rocking twist hairstyles for men

The main difference is that rather than dividing the hair into three sections and braiding it, the hair stylist divides it into two and weaves it into a rope-like twist.


Boy rocking cornrow man's hairstyle

You can also use cornrow braids if you don’t want to have a few box braids in your hair. It doesn’t take much time like box braids, but it looks cute.

Black man rocking cornrows for men

Thankfully, there are many different styles of cornrows to choose from, from regular all-back to zig-zag, two-step, and more.

beaded male hairstyle

Man swinging braids with beads

yes! Beads and other hair accessories aren’t just for women.

Black man rocking beaded male hairstyle and red braids

Why don’t you put it on your hair for men too? Give it a try once you get used to it.

color hair

Asian man rocking a dark blue faux hawk

Low cut, faux hawk, braids, or whatever you have, one thing is certain. You can always add detail to your look by dyeing your hair.

Smiling man rocking pink dreadlocks

This has some drawbacks for hair health, but it’s a great way to make your style stand out.

curly men hairstyle

man with curly male hairstyle

Imagine your woman running her hands through your hair and plucking curls while you curl them.

man with curly fade haircut

But if your hair isn’t curly, you won’t experience it. You don’t have to lengthen your hair to hold your curls.

low cut

black man with low cut male hairstyle

It is a popular hairstyle for men. Low maintenance and stress free. Little to no fade as well.

michael b. jordan rocking low cut and waves

Additionally, most men with a low cut pair it with a neatly manicured beard.

bald men hairstyle

Caucasian man rocking his bald hair

Tired of growing your hair out? Shave everything from your head. you don’t look ugly

Banky W in a suit with a bald head

Men like Banky W have proven countless times just how good looking bald haircuts can be. So, if you’re already thinking about going bald, this is a confirmation of what you should do.

Nose ring man rocking low cut with fade

Before settling on one of these men’s hairstyles, make sure it suits your style according to your taste. Then you are doing yourself a disservice. The same is true if you are minimalist and dye your hair a bold color.

bearded man in sporty wave low cut

So, prioritize your tastes and preferences before showing your barber or hair stylist the hairstyle you want to achieve.

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