Guest Wedding Dress for Winter—How to Wear with Style

“Everything has its season, and every activity under heaven has its time.” If you are familiar with King Solomon’s Nuggets, you should listen to this verse in Ecclesiastes 3. That also applies to fashion. Just like everything has a season, there are clothes for each season. Therefore, if you have a wedding to attend in winter, your attire should be a winter guest wedding dress.

A winter wedding is a double celebration. While enjoying Yuletide and the bliss that comes with the New Year, we are also preparing to celebrate the wedding of our loved ones. One of her reasons for that is the cold, freezing weather.

Woman in Winter Deep Green Maxi Guest Wedding Dress

A summer dress cannot be matched to a winter wedding. Your best bet is to go for a winter wedding guest dress.

woman in blue midi dress

Below, you’ll find the best outfits for a winter wedding in this piece.

What Should Guests Wear to a Winter Wedding?

Woman in Pantyhose and Winter Black Guest Wedding Dress

Before you start rummaging through your wardrobe or buying the perfect dress for your wedding guests, keep these things in mind:

The best winter wedding guest dresses strike a balance between form, comfort, and style.

A woman in a brown maxi dress with a plunging chest

But finding a look that meets these requirements is never easy.

For example, an outdoor winter wedding will require you to be covered, while an indoor wedding will be a little more liberal. Please take off your winter guest wedding dress.

Woman wearing navy blue ruffled guest wedding dress for winter

wear thick fabrics

Woman in winter sequined guest wedding dress with black fur shawl

If you don’t want to wrap your arms around your body, cold resistant fabric Velvet, satin, denim, silk, corduroy, twill, wool, etc. Save things like chiffon, lace, organza, and crepe for summer or spring weddings unless you plan on layering them.

choose a high neckline

Three women in high neck bodycon dresses

Wear high-necked clothing such as turtlenecks, bateaus, jewel necks, keyhole necks, collars, and halter necks to prevent the cold from reaching your chest. Avoid off-the-shoulder, strapless, or plunging necklines, especially if you have allergies. it gets cold.

lengthen the hem

Woman in lilac palazzo pants and lilac shirt

A long winter wedding guest dress is a must-have this season. It protects your feet from the cold. Bodycon dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, sequin dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo pants and more.

But be careful. Long hems can get drab if you don’t style them well. Please choose a long dress.

Layering Winter Mini/Strapless Guest Wedding Dress

Winter woman in faux fur jacket and burgundy maxi guest wedding dress

Do you really love low necklines and short hems and are you ready to put them aside for a calendar winter wedding? just layer them.

Fashion is not a one-way street, so there are a thousand and one ways to style it, so you can’t write off your work. So rock your miniskirts and dresses, off-the-shoulder, and other low-necklines with faux-fur coats, shawls, leather jackets, puffer jackets, long coats, denim jackets, chunky blazers, and more.

Additionally, you can wear leggings or pantyhose underneath skimpy wedding guest outfits.

wear long sleeves

Woman in light brown maxi dress with thigh slit

Layering means wearing more clothes. So why not solve your own problems by choosing a long-sleeve dress, jumpsuit, or top as your winter wedding guest dress?

No one said long sleeves were boring. You can add ruffles, volume, pleats, or other embellishments to give it a chic look.

Experiment with different prints for winter guest wedding dresses.

Women in Winter Illusion Print Maxi Guest Wedding Dress

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your winter guest’s wedding dress has to be plain.

Plus, don’t limit floral prints to summer days only. Wear it to a winter wedding. Do the same with checkered fabrics, polka dots, gingham, plaid, African prints, and more.

There is a style guide on how to mix prints. Check it out now or go further than that.

Dam the Cold & Go Edgy

Woman wearing pink two-piece pants and pleated top

If the wedding is to be held indoors, you can wear whatever you like without worrying about the cold. A pro tip for playing it safe is to combine mild and extreme.

For example, you can wear a maxi dress with a cutout around the waist or a short dress with long sleeves paired with knee-high boots. However, this should not compromise your health and comfort. That’s why it’s important to fuse the mild with the extreme.

What to wear to a winter wedding

Woman in sparkly red suit with thigh slit

If comfort is your priority, opt for closed-toe shoes to keep your feet warm. They can be flats or heels. This includes pumps, sock boots, knee-high boots, sneakers, etc.

Woman in Winter Floral Long Guest Wedding Dress

However, this does not mean that open-toed shoes are inappropriate.

What colors to wear to a winter wedding

Woman in winter royal blue thigh high slit guest wedding dress

The best colors for a winter wedding guest dress are a tonal palette, warm colors, dark shades and gem shades. Green, gold, red, brown, blue, burgundy, purple, olive, black, etc.

What colors should you wear to a winter wedding?

Woman in dark green two-piece guest prom dress for winter

Avoid white, ivory, and cream unless the bride specifically says otherwise.These colors can compete with the bride for attention. It’s not your wedding, remember?

Can I wear bare feet to a winter wedding?

Woman in black blazer suit dress and knee high boots

As a general rule of thumb, wearing bare feet to a winter wedding is not ideal. A short women’s winter wedding guest dress like this will expose your body to the cold. You may even be seen and undressed on the spot.

Woman in black winter mini gest wedding dress with pantyhose underneath

So don’t bare your feet. But if you want, pair your barefoot outfit with outerwear, leggings, pantyhose, knee-high boots, etc. Provides warmth while enhancing your style.

How to look best in a winter guest wedding dress

Raldi in a black miniskirt with a red long coat

A cold-weather wedding guest dress won’t be a feast for the eyes if you don’t put in the effort to look good. They should flatter your body and be chic enough to match your style.

Women in Winter Metallic Gold Guest Wedding Dress

But choosing the right clothes is not the end. You also need to accessorize it with fashion accessories, give it a nice hairstyle and beautiful makeup, and give it a nice fragrance.

Woman in Winter Black Guest Wedding Dress

We’ve detailed how to look your best as a wedding guest in this guide.

A woman in a pink blazer dress with pink pantyhose and pink heels

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