Ginzy’s Pet Shop CEO Nominated For Akwaaba Leadership Awards

Patrick Agyenim Boateng, founder and CEO of the fastest growing pet shop Ginzy’s Pet Shop, has been nominated by the organizers for the 2023 Akwaaba Leadership Awards.

Patrick Agyenim Boateng has been nominated for Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year.

In an interview, Agienim Boateng thanked the organizers.

“I am very happy to have been nominated by the organizers and thank you for recognizing my efforts and my contribution and impact on society.”

He said he always ensures that his clients’ needs are met.

“It is my vision to always ensure that my clients are satisfied with my service. Ginzy’s Pet Shop does the best for our customers as well,” he added.

GINZY pet shop

A long-established pet shop. We focus on full-service care facilities and are dedicated to providing consistently high customer satisfaction by providing excellent service, quality pet products and a convenient atmosphere. .
• We sell top quality feed for dogs, cats, birds and fish.

We also have the best vitamins, medicines, cages and all pet accessories your pet needs for good growth and a healthy life…
▪️Our prices are very affordable.

(Gingy’s pet shop where pet lovers gather)

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