Maiden Edition Of Ghana Reggae Dancehall Awards Announced

The Board of Ghana Reggae Dancehall Awards is pleased to announce the first edition of Reggae and Dancehall Musicians and Industry Professionals to prepare their own awards to honor their work.

The Ghana Reggae Dancehall Awards (GRDAs) is a platform to honor and celebrate past and present contributions to the development of reggae and dancehall music in Ghana.

GRDAs aim to reward excellence by honoring deserving artists through a credible and unique awards system. The Ghana Reggae Dancehall Awards begin with a call for entries in April and culminate with Awards Night in early August.

GRDAs have over 20 categories including Best Reggae Song, Best Dancehall Song, Best International Collaboration, Lifetime Achievement Awards and more. Other categories include Best International Artist, Best MC and Best Mixtape.

Other activities marking the night of the awards ceremony include an international launch in the UK, a nominee’s jam and a symposium on the music industry.

Ghanaian reggae and dancehall aficionados and enthusiasts have long acknowledged the fact that despite Ghanaians’ love of reggae and dancehall music, the genre is not celebrated enough in the existing awards system. As a result, the news that an award scheme dedicated exclusively to reggae and dancehall will be subject to celebration.

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