40 Gorgeous Blonde Hairstyles that’ll Suit Any Woman

Imagine this: You are in a room filled with different women. Most of them are rocking black or brown hair color. Then look around the room and you’ll find the cutest blond haired lady. Why don’t she give her a second glance?

It is a matter of course. She is a different person among them because of her hair color. And that’s enough to get more than two glances from anyone.

Woman wearing blonde haircut

That’s how blonde hair makes you stand out. In a room full of black, it’s the pop of color you need to accent your look. So, if you’re a natural blonde, congratulations. We got for free what most of us would pay for.

Caucasian woman with blue eyes and blond hair

But if your hair isn’t naturally light and you want to try out a blonde hairstyle, you’re on the right track. is introduced.

Woman wearing shoulder-length blonde hairstyle

best blonde hairstyles for your face

black woman wearing hoop earrings and blonde bob wig

Finding the right hairstyle and hair color for your face shape, skin tone and personal style is no easy task. But if you want a color that suits everyone and every occasion, blonde is the way to go.

Woman wearing half-up half-down blonde hairstyle

So what’s the best blonde hairstyle for you? Marie Claire.comwhich depends on three factors:

“The shape of your face, the texture of your strands, and the blonde tone you choose.”

Maya Allen

Woman wearing short wavy blonde hairstyle

So, if you’re interested in dyeing your hair blonde, or want to change your already blonde hair, use these styles as inspiration.

pixie cut

Victoria Wiley wears a dark green robe and a blonde pixie cut hairstyle.

Take it from me, you can never go wrong with a pixie cut. They are also low maintenance and versatile as they come in a variety of styles to suit every occasion.

Brown skin woman wearing pixie cut blonde hairstyle

We have created a style guide for you to appreciate the beauty of this hairstyle. If you already like it, check out our curated pixie cut styles.


black woman wearing strapless corset with bob blonde hairstyle

Speaking of versatility, the bob is one of the hairstyles that is pretty on this list. From standard Bob to Marilyn Bob, there are various sizes and volumes.

Woman with gold chain on wavy bob

Plus, this hairstyle is versatile and low maintenance. You can stop at the nape of your neck or extend it to your shoulders. The weave can also be curled or blunt cut. It all depends on what you want.

beach waves

Blonde woman wearing beach waves

Beach waves are relaxed curls that look great on all women. Also, different face shapes, ages, hair type.

Woman wearing long beach wave blonde hairstyle

If you want to rock subtle curls that remind you of the beach, opt for wavy blondes. But if you don’t want your curls to be subtle, try…

curly blonde hairstyles

Woman wearing curly blond hairstyle

Curls make your hair look like an S or spiral. This hairstyle is a statement in itself, as the curls can be made thicker or thinner.

woman with blond twisted hair

What’s more, you can experiment with curls with any hairstyle, including long, short, kinky, bob, and pixie.

straight blonde hairstyles

woman with straight blonde hair

Straighten your blond hair if you don’t want curls, whether loose or serious.

Woman wearing straight blonde hairstyle

This is one of the popular blonde hairstyles that never goes out of style.

shag hairstyle

Woman wearing blonde shag hairstyle with nose ring

Why not add layers of different lengths to your hair? That’s what shag hairstyles are all about.

Woman wearing blonde shag haircut with bangs

If you want a layered look, go for it.

blunt cut blonde hairstyle

Woman wearing blunt cut bob blonde hairstyle

However, blunt cut hairstyles are the same length.

Back view of woman wearing blunt cut blond hairstyle

The exact opposite of layered style. And this bluntness around the tip makes a statement for itself.

blonde low cut

Beautiful woman rocking a blonde low cut

Why don’t you cut your hair low and make it blonde?

Beautiful woman rocking hoop earrings and blonde low cut

Not many women feel confident about cutting their hair low. So when you do that, do you know what that means? you are confident!


A woman wearing a suit and rocking her long blonde hair with bangs

Want to hide your forehead or add an accent? That’s where fringe comes in.

A woman wearing an updo with bangs

A hairstyle with bangs exudes confidence. Beautify long or short hair regardless of the style you choose. So, if this is your choice, check out our catalog of hairstyles with bangs.

french braid

Kim Kardashian rocks blonde French braids

This hairstyle features 3-strand gathered pleats that braid together 3 sections of hair from the top of the head to the nape of the nape.

beautiful blonde rocking blonde french braids

Choose this style if you don’t want strands to get in the way.

shoulder length

Woman wearing shoulder-length blonde hairstyle

If your hair is neither long nor short, shoulder length is fine.

Woman rocking her medium length blonde hair with her man behind

A shoulder-length blonde hairstyle doesn’t interfere with your back and provides the definition that long hair rocks.

blonde braids

Beautiful black girl rocking blonde unknotted braids

Braids are classic, timeless and always stylish. If you don’t like regular braids, choose braids without knots. If you don’t like that, try Ghanaian weaves, Fulani weaves, Senegalese twists, and other cute African weaves.

Woman holding phone while rocking blonde hairstyle with Fulani braids

Just use blonde hair extensions and install.You will look perfect.

Woman with pink lips wearing bob blonde hairstyle

These are blonde hairstyles that can get you started on your golden hair color journey.

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