Liberian businesswoman Felicia Nimely, Son Celebrate Coinciding Birthday With Awesome Photos

Mrs. Felicia Nimely Gendekan and her son Mark T Gendekan Jr.

Today, January 19, 2023 is best described as the best mother and son day of the year as Liberian businesswoman Mrs. Felicia Nimely Gendekan and her son Mark T Gendekan Jr celebrate their birthday. can..

And in honor of their coincidental birthday, the lovely Mrs. Gendekan has released a number of stunning photos of her and her son, Mark.

Mother and son look glamorous for their birthday.

Mrs. Felicia Nimeri Gendecan

Both were born on January 19th. Mrs. Gendecan was born in 1986 in Shingol, a suburb of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, at the age of 37, and Mark was born in 2012, at the age of 12.

It is the perfect order for their relatives to send them congratulatory messages and sing Happy Birthday to them.

Mark T. Gendecan Jr.

Mrs. Gendekan and her son are the cutest, definitely the cutest, and most eye-pleasing of all the birthday photos ever released.

They both enhanced their dressing with birthday photos, making their outfits look excitingly swish.

Mrs. Felicia Nimely Gendekan and her son Mark T Gendekan Jr.

There is no denying that birthdays, especially simultaneous birthdays of mothers and sons, come as blessings. Choosing the perfect outfit for the occasion is one of the best parts of celebrating. And the mother and son, dressed in the outfits they chose for the birthday photo shoot, are on the spot very elegantly and are very attractive in the photo.

It may sound a little exaggerated, but Mrs. Gendecan, mother of three adorable children and married to Liberian businessman Mark Gendecan, is an absolute fashionista and happy birthday to her birthday. couldn’t show her strong appetite. Because it’s classy.

A major importer of household goods from the United States to Liberia, Mrs. Gendecan has done a great job of showing off that she belongs to the upper class.

It wouldn’t be complete without celebrating mother and son in the best possible way.

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