Gyakie Opens Up On Why She Turned Down Kalybos’ Proposal

Ghanaian singer Gyakie responded to the interest of comedian Kalybos by courting her.

In an interview, the comic actor revealed that he has a big crush on ‘Songbird’ and wants to build a relationship with her.

However, Calibos’ proposal was turned down by the “Forever” hitmaker, and in a new interview she explained why.

According to Gyakie, she didn’t think Kalybos was serious about his interest in trying to woo her.

“I thought he was a hilarious guy, but I didn’t know he was serious,” Gyakie said in an interview with blogger Sammykaymedia.

Gyakie added that she and Kalybos had spoken many times, but the subject of their conversation was purely about music, not about his interest in her.

When asked if she’d be paying attention to Calibos now that she knows, she said it’s not something to say on camera.

Watch the video below.

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