Must SEE Highlights From Stonebwoy’s ‘Night With Stonebwoy’ Berekum Concert

After their long-awaited Berekum debut, Stoneboi took the stage for their ‘A Night With Stonebwoy’ concert to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Thousands of people flocked to Berekum over the weekend to see the Ghanaian international music superstar give an electrifying performance in what proved to be his first headline show in Berekum. The event, produced by Nish Entertainment, sold out earlier in the day when thousands of locals gathered in the streets to heroically welcome him into town. It was an exact replica of

Crowd excitement for Stonebwoy erupted when several new performers began shouting his name in unison after finishing their set. As his hype man his OGee The MC and DJ Justice take the stage to open his performance with his song “1 GAD”, he confidently announces his trademark I walked across the stage with an enchanting smile. His towering stature only enhanced his stage presence. From any angle, it was nearly impossible for anyone standing in the crowd to miss his performer, a monster that dominates every corner of the stage.


Stonebwoy commanded the stage on many songs alone, his almost prophetic energy enough to captivate the audience. He danced to popular hits such as ‘Bhim Nation’, ‘Kpokeke’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Tuff Seed’, ‘Hero’, ‘People Dey’, ‘Run Go’, ‘Gidigba’, and ‘Name’ to attract audiences. enthusiastic. ‘Not Again’, ‘Activate’, ‘Nukedzor’, ‘Mane Me’, ‘Sobolo’, ‘Nominate’, ‘Ololo’, ‘Higher’, ‘Putuu’ and more.


Stonebwoy is an award-winning African artist who has firmly put the continent on the musical map since first gaining mainstream recognition in 2012. The artist recently became the first Ghanaian musician to be awarded a Shield of Merit by Audiomack after he surpassed 100. Music streaming on his platform, he has garnered 1 million views, capping off 2022 as Ghana’s top male artist.

Stoneboy, meanwhile, have announced a concert dubbed ‘My Homeland Concert’ at The Palladium in Times Square, New York City.Fans can secure VIP or general admission tickets here.


The show is part of a yet-to-be-announced North American tour as they gear up for the release of their fifth full-length album after signing an artist deal with Def Jam/Universal in 2022. -The award-winning international performer will take the stage on Friday, March 3, 2023 for a one-off performance at the prestigious New York venue.

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