30 Gorgeous Blonde Highlights on Black Hair Ideas

Bored of your black hair color and want to try something different? If yes, don’t dye it another color. Instead, try blonde highlights on dark hair. They don’t take your black hair away from you. Instead, add an accent that never goes unnoticed.

Black is one of those colors that never goes out of style. Classy, ​​sexy and complements all other colors. Therefore, dark hair will accentuate your facial features and add depth and dimension to your overall look. However, if you want dark hair to be more powerful, add highlights.

woman in black and blonde wig

Highlights come in a variety of colors, from blonde to red, green, brown, caramel, ombre, platinum, copper, and burgundy to complement your skin tone, hair texture, and personal style.

Woman wearing black hair with blond highlights

But this post isn’t about any kind of highlighting on dark hair.It’s about highlighting on dark blonde hair. So let’s take a look at the different blonde highlights to try on black hair.

Reasons for adding blonde highlights to dark hair

A woman wearing a black and blonde highlight wig

Highlights are hair treatments done by a hair stylist to change the color of your hair or make it look lighter. It could be in the bottom part of your hair or in a few strands from top to bottom.

Black woman with blonde highlights on black hair

A color like blonde will transform your look and add more texture. It’s a great option if you want to experiment with light hair colors on a dark base. You don’t have to be, says Cindy Marcus, Editor-in-Chief of Latest Hairstyles.

“You don’t have to be jet black blonde just to make your jet black hair come alive. increase.”

Moreover, this highlight comes in different shades. For example, it can be finished in a variety of ways, including bleach, platinum, dirty, ash, and sunkiss.

A beautiful woman with dark hair and subtle blonde highlights.

However, before you start saving blonde highlights in dark hair inspo to show off to your stylist, there are a few things you should know about highlights.

Do highlights damage your hair?

A beautiful woman with black hair and full blonde highlights.

Like any hair color, highlights have their drawbacks. It won’t completely damage your hair, but it will change the internal structure of your hair, making it look brittle.

Black woman with wavy blonde highlights in dark hair

To avoid this, don’t dye your hair too often.

What highlights go well with unbleached black hair?

Ciara wearing dark blonde and black wig

You don’t have to use bleach to accentuate dark hair. This works with light browns, dark reds, reds, blues, purples, magenta, blondes and other bright colors.

How long do black hair highlights last?

Woman in multi-tone blonde highlight wig

Highlights can last up to 2-3 months on average. However, durability depends on how you take care of your hair. hair typeas well as your overall hair care routine.

A woman with dark hair and slight blond highlights

blonde highlights for dark hair inspiration

Woman wearing a black wig with blonde highlights on the bottom

bulky highlights

Woman wearing bulky blond highlights in front

For this style of blond highlights, take 2-3 large clumps of hair and color them with blond from root to tip.

black and blonde wig on mannequin

slight highlight

Gorgeous black woman with dark hair and slight blonde highlights

This style is similar to the bulky style.

Gorgeous black woman with straight black hair and slight blonde highlights

The difference is that 2 or 3 clumps of hair are less, rather than bulky.

Ombre blonde highlights on dark hair

Woman with dark hair and ombre blonde highlights

The ombre effect also works for hair highlights. Here, the stylist splits her hair into two contrasting-colored sections and gradually blends from one hue to the other.

Back view of dark ombre blonde highlights

Blondes can do this too.

subtle highlights

Dark-haired woman with subtle blonde highlights

These things are barely there, but still there. As the name suggests, they are subtle and unpronounced. Blends perfectly into black hair while adding blonde streaks.

Dark-haired woman with subtle blonde highlights

If you’re a minimalist, go for this one, but use a dark blonde shade.

fake highlights

Woman in knotless braids with blonde highlights and hoop earrings

Worried about the dangers of dyeing your hair, but still want some color? No problem.

Woman wearing black and blonde box blaze

Attach blonde clip-ins or use black and blonde hair extensions to braid your hair.

multi-tone highlight

Woman in multi-tone blonde highlight wig

Select this option if you want black hair to look more dimensional.

Woman in multitone blonde highlights wig and blue shirt

Use two shades of blonde and blend both to create a different kind of ombre.

half black, half blonde

It is a style in which the hair is dyed halfway and the rest is left black. Next he works in three ways.

black hair top blonde highlights

Woman in gingham top with dark hair and blonde highlights

Here I will only highlight the top part of the hair and leave the rest black.

A woman with blonde highlights on the top of her hair

Unique blonde highlights for black hair options.

finish blonde highlights

Blonde woman highlighting the bottom part of her hair

This is the opposite of top blonde highlights.

Woman wearing dark hair with blonde highlights underneath

To achieve that, color the bottom part of your hair and leave the top part black.

Blonde & Black Landscape

A woman with blonde highlights on her black hair

Here we will color half of the side of the hair black and leave the rest of the side black.

half black and half blond woman

highlight black

Woman wearing blonde hair with black streaks

Why not dye most of your hair blonde and leave a few strands black?

A woman wearing blonde hair with a few black m streaks

This is how I am creating blonde highlights where black hair is highlighted.

Woman with wavy hair and blonde highlights

Need more blonde highlights for dark hair inspiration?

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